More chastity in the mainstream

Gizmodo, part of the Gawker media blogs, is a blog for tech geeks, generally featuring the latest in cool gadgets, electronics, and science news. If you’re not a regular reader, you might have missed this little item:

Metal Male Chastity Device, Only $15.52 Per Unit

The poor old Gizmodo tips hotline is besieged by spam. But occasionally it pays to read some of it…

They go on to explain that the spam offered up these devices for what amounts to less than $16 US. Considering that these devices — or at least, ones that look pretty similar — sell for about 15 times this amount, it sounds like a pretty good bargain.

Interestingly, this isn’t Gizmodo’s only post on the subject. Just about three years ago, they featured a very hot picture of the Latowski belt, although their description left a bit to be desired:

“We’re not sure what to say about this stainless steel male chastity belt other than the fact that we want zero part of that. There’s a hole in the front for your junk to go, as well as a hole in the back for the stinkier junk to drop out, and the whole thing is locked with a key you (hopefully) never lose. How long can this be worn? “The experiences of my customers are completely different. They range from weekend use to the continuous carrier.” At least it beats getting your muchachos cut off forever.”

It’s ironic that in the rare news items featuring male chastity devices, they are portrayed as anti-sex toys, or sometimes, as in the latter example, as de-masculinising. Indeed, even the comments on the original post range from horror, to amusement, to disgust. It would have been enheartening to see even one comment to the effect of “Hey, that’s pretty cool!”

That said, the shiny device on the red background looks like it was made from castoffs from a plumbing shop. For $16, it’s probably not made from stainless steel, and some of those edges don’t look very finished, so it’s probably a good thing that they did not send the reviewer an actual sample.

But even as a joke, it’s still nice to see these devices make their way — slowly — into the mainstream culture. Who knows, maybe we’ll discover that a character on some evening TV drama is wearing one, and from there, well, who knows?

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5 Responses to More chastity in the mainstream

  1. Mick says:

    I like my stainless steel model, which was pricier but is well tooled with no sharp edges.


  2. nigel says:

    Hi Tom and Mick,

    In spite of the popularity for metal chastity does the level of security screening in many public places now make plastic and ceramic materials for chastity the better option?


  3. Tom Allen says:

    Nige, it’s hard to say what “better option” actually means. I fly only a few times a year, so the plastic/metal issue isn’t really a big deal for me. And since I don’t generally go to secure office centers, I can wear pretty much anything.

    Obviously, people who work in courthouses or secure facilities will have a different issue, as will people who travel frequently.


    • nigel says:

      Yes I see what you mean about defining best option!

      In Australia, it just appears to me, that corporate image and responsibilty is impacting ones leisure time that even private life choices need to be cautious.


  4. devotedlvr says:

    Hi Tom,

    I doubt we’ll see it on TV anytime soon—heck, people still freak out about two guys kissing. LOL.

    What I would like is to pull chastity back from the hinterlands of “way extreme, super kinky fetish” to be more in the realm, as Sarah J. says, of being a gateway kink. I am also interested in the therapeutic effects of chastity, which I have been thinking about quite a bit these past few days.



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