Familiar Ring To It

So, Mrs. Edge and I had a long-overdue getaway weekend. Except that, like many things in the Edge lifestyles, it was cut short to only a long day or so. We opted to drive up to Cape Cod, being the off-season for the summer tourists.

Walking around one of the quaint, old New England towns we found a street that had some interesting inns and hostelries.

Oh look, here’s a nice looking Bed &  Breakfast style inn. Let’s get the name of it for our next trip.



Hmm, there’s something familiar about the name of this place.  Can’t quite put my finger on it…


Wait, why do they have a doorknocker on the sign? Shouldn’t that be…



Never mind.

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13 Responses to Familiar Ring To It

  1. devotedlvr says:

    Hahahah, very funny! It took me a minute or two to get that but now I am LMAO.

    Thanks, Tom!



  2. Grey says:

    OK… a B&B with a sense of humor… Love it.


  3. Lensman says:

    Welcome to Provincetown, I’m guessing. Try the Mews restaurant for a nice dinner.

    And thanks – I’ve actually seen that sign, but I got a good chuckle from the way you presented it.


  4. Aarkey says:

    Hahahaha… that’s awesome. 🙂

    Was it in P-town?


  5. Milliscent says:

    The ring is good, but I must also wonder if they allow Pipe Smoking at the Prince Albert.



  6. nemo says:

    Love the B&B Inn. Does seem a bit odd… that door knocker, I mean. Have you discussed it with the owners? Perhaps it’s really what we think it is. Now wouldn’t that be nice… a kink-friendly B&B…. Hmmm… Now there’s an idea!



  7. Ida Virgin says:

    That is pretty awesome… I think I’m going to look it up and bookmark it in case I’m ever up that way! lol


  8. thumper says:

    I wonder if I’d get a discount if I stayed there. I’d whip it out for an extra 10% off…


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