The other white meat

Mrs. Edge and I do the grocery shopping together because it gives us a chance to spend time together. So, we’re walking up and down the aisles of the newly-remodeled grocery store, because I like to do that. I mean, we have a list and all, but sometimes it’s interesting to look at other things in the shelves because it could spark ideas for a meal in the future.

So anyway, we’re out shopping for Thanksgiving, that US holiday where we continue the tradition of the Pilgrims (the groups of religious fanatics who were tossed out of England for being fundamentalist killjoys) by setting out a table of food and spending time in the giving of thanks for managing to get through another year, and we’re, as I said, walking up and down the aisles. She was complaining, because she just likes to get in, buy what’s on the list, and then get out.

And then I spotted it.


We finished our shopping, giggling like a couple of schoolkids.

We hope that everyone in the US had as happy a Thanksgiving Day as we did.


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13 Responses to The other white meat

  1. Mykey says:

    I hope you got some cock in you? Was it good?


  2. Jz says:

    These are the moments that make it all worthwhile!

    Thank you for sharing!



  3. nemo says:

    I also go shopping with my wife/Mistress, but I must admit, I was always the one who wanted to get in and back out as fast as possible.

    From now on, I am going to take my time and see what wondrous treats may be available. Who knows, maybe “Grace” makes a cunt soup?


  4. Please tell me you got some, just to have it! I would so have bought that!


  5. Hur hur hur. Though, IMO, you can never have too much cock on hand. Just in case. For guests.


  6. DDD says:

    It’s a hoot! I did a post on the exact same soup mix awhile back –

    My question is, did you taste it?


  7. Liras says:

    I have seen that soup mix a few times. Finally bought it. It tastes like chicken. *grin*


  8. LambChop says:

    COCK SOUP??!! Sounds like my wedding night!!


  9. Lol, I have a microwavable cup o’ Cock Soup made by the same company. My girlfriend got one in her Christmas stocking last year. XD


  10. Milliscent says:

    Damn, I haven’t seen that in my local store yet!


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