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The hoi-polloi among us who work mere day jobs and don’t mingle with the glitterati may have missed the big AVN Adult Entertainment Expo last week, but never fear: your intrepid researchers at EoV Laboratories have been keeping up to date.

Our recap of the events: People still enjoy porn.

Frankly, this might have flown completely under my radar, if it hadn’t been for the various Gawker (and other) media blogs making titillating references to the recently discovered — Oh mai gawd! – Male Chastity Devices. Recently discovered? Well, yes, by the apparently very vanilla media crowd, most of whom still seem to be completely clueless as to what people get out of any sexuality that’s the teensiest bit kinky.

In no particular order, here are some of the article quotes and comments:

Men beware, the male chastity belt is back and women all over the world are placing their man’s manhood under lock and key. This is the type of product Tiger Wood’s wife dreams she’d bought.

[AL Enterprises] apparently sells tens of thousands of the belts a year (who da thunk?). The two biggest markets are not surprisingly Germany and the United Kingdom, which makes sense because those guys are freaky. The USA comes in third.

Aww, it’s adorable when vanilla folks start clicking around the internet.

The plastic male chastity belts are generally “starter” belts. After a couple has used one of those belts for a while they tend to upgrade to a more secure metal one.

isnt the penis always locked to the scrotum? i need an anatomy book.

How does it stay on? Does it have to be bolted to the person?

The less well-known blogs that had follow-up articles were even more juvenile and inane. More to the point, most of the comments riffed on the idea of a chastity device not as a sex toy, but as an article of punishment or even revenge.

On one hand, I guess I should be glad to see more mainstream exposure; there has probably been more mention of these devices in the last couple of years than in the previous ten combined. On the other hand, I still find myself becoming irritated whenever I see the responses that most people have to something that’s outside of their experience. “Eww, WTF is that!? LOLwhut?”

That said, kudos to the Millers for investing the time, money, and energy in displaying their wares at the AEE. How long before they start showing up in regular porn flicks, I wonder?

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6 Responses to Adult Entertainment

  1. No kidding… I sell a LOT of copies of “Be Careful What You Wish For” to the Germans.

    But most of my search traffic comes from the US 😉

  2. slave_nemo says:

    Tom (and the rest of you out there as well), take heart! It’s been my experience (over 30 years in BDSM) that those who make the loudest “Eww” as you out it, are the very ones who will order one as soon as they get home and can surf the net in private!

    As fun as BDSM and chastity are, the vast majority of participants are still hidden deep in the back of their closets. 😉

  3. slave_nemo says:

    Me, too. In fact, I look at everyday objects and try to imagine how they might be used for sexual enhancement… 😉

  4. aphrael says:

    One odd (and common) refrain in those links is “it would be really painful to get a boner in one of these”. Which … ok, maybe if you haven’t had the experience of wearing one, that’s obviously true, but speaking from the other side – it usually *isn’t* really painful.

    Now, if you add in the points of intrigue, it’s a different story. 🙂

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