HNT: Spring Training

Seriously, Tom? Not just weeks, but months without an HNT post? Isn’t there any love for the women and men (all 19 of them) who want to see graying chest hair?



I know it’s still a few more weeks until spring is officially here, but I’m trying to get an early start. I’ve been low-carbing it all winter, and I’ve already shed the 5 lbs that I picked up during the winter holidays (and am thankful it wasn’t more). Now I’m kicking up my weight training program from “leisurely” to “stop slacking”.

I’m telling you , 6-pack abs for the summer – that’s my goal.  Summer will be here before you know it, and I want to look good in those tight spandex bike shorts so I don’t embarrass Mrs. Edge.

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10 Responses to HNT: Spring Training

  1. Jz says:

    nice little tease of silver, there…


  2. slave_nemo says:

    I am happy for you. And I also admire your spirit for wanting to get in shape for the Summer… However, do you know of any good ‘just sit in my favorite chair’ programs that can help me get in shape? I would love to have six-pack abs, but if requires any kind of exercise, I’ll pass.



    • Tom Allen says:

      Nemo, first you need to understand that diet is even more important than exercise. If you want to sit in the chair, then cut out all processed food, especially carbs and sugars. Eat Atkins-style low carb for a month (30 grams or under), and then keep your calorie intake 80% protein & fats, and only 20% carbs. You won’t get a six-pack, but it will reduce the stuff that’s covering it.


  3. Scott says:

    Glad to see Mrs. Edge has you in your belt. It might help keep you focused on your training…good luck!



    • Tom Allen says:

      I sometimes have fantasies of Mrs. Edge watching me exercise while I’m in the nude, critiquing my form, and urging me on to do one more rep.

      She just rolled her eyes when I told her this. At 5:30, she’s still got an hour of sleeping left.


  4. Sex Fairy says:

    Looking good, and how naughty… just the hint of metal in the pic!


  5. “I sometimes have fantasies of Mrs. Edge watching me exercise while I’m in the nude, critiquing my form, and urging me on to do one more rep.”

    Well, that’s just hawt. :p

    I’m selfishly hoping the 6-pack eludes you because I don’t like them. But right now I think you look great!

    Well done, my personal buff sycophant. :p


  6. dishevelleddomina says:

    Thursdays are good days.


  7. DDD says:

    Looking good. And just a hint of a device below… Which I know or understand nothing about. But. The point is. Gray hair. Sexy anyplace. Yum.


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