Poll Dancing

Okay readers, it’s time to help out a fellow kinkster.

Most of you know that I like to consider Edge of Vanilla not just an entertaining blog, but a resource for people in the community (for some value of community).

Angela Lewis, author of My Other Self — a book about the perfectly normal people living right next door to you who just happen to be fetishists, BDSMers, or just plain kinky — is looking to do some research for another book. She has set up several surveys on her website for people with an interest in foot fetishes, and with cuckolding. If you have a few minutes, please click on over and help a sister out.

A little about Ms. Lewis:

Angela Lewis holds a PhD in education and has worked in IT for many years as a provider of various learning programs to both the government and corporate sector. She is a qualified counsellor and has acted as IT Adviser to the Australian Counselling Association for the past 10 years, publishing extensively in the ACA’s journal on the intersection of society and technology.  While exploring and then writing about how people expressed their sexuality she found that community attitudes towards anything other than mainstream sexual practices remains deeply suspicious and judgemental. So began a 4 year project of gathering narratives and interviewing people who enjoyed a wide range of alternative sexual practices and the result is My Other Self, the stories of ordinary folk quietly leading extraordinary  private lives.

My Other Self is an intrepid anthology of the secret and sometimes bizarre sexual lives quietly practised by millions of everyday people. As these ordinary folk tell their stories it becomes obvious that the world of kinky sex is far from the exclusive domain of rock stars, movie goddesses and politicians. Angela Lewis spent four years researching a diverse range of websites, forums and online communities catering to devotees of all kinds of sexual peccadilloes. These are the stories of the people she met along the way. They live in ordinary neighbourhoods, have jobs, careers and children just like the next person, but very quietly lead far from ordinary sex lives. The result is an absorbing guide to the secret lives of those enjoying a wide range of interests from latex, leather, teeth and diapers, to spanking and hairy armpits and opens the conversation around a wide range of sexual practices in a way that is neither sensational nor confronting. The book covers an extraordinarily comprehensive inventory of fantasies and fetishes which it explains in both an informative and highly readable way.  As well as real-life stories and insights, it contains explanatory background information, links to related interests, jargon and search terms and is easy for the reader to dip in and out and move around. The author wrote for an audience just like herself, an average person with a spouse, kids and mortgage who has never set foot in a bondage dungeon but wouldn’t mind knowing what all the bits on the wall are for!

Also, she blogs about her upcoming research, and has a few insightful tidbits that you might want to peruse.

Ms. Lewis promised to let us know some of the results of the surveys, so stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Poll Dancing

  1. Thanks for pointing out Her blog. Went ahead an did one of Her surveys!!


  2. DDD says:

    Thanks so much for the heads up. I just ordered the book. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!


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