Chastity Hipster

I started the Edge of Vanilla blog about 5 years ago with the intention of it becoming a resource for people interested in “enforced” male chastity and orgasm denial, and mainly for those people who were primarily vanilla, or at least, weren’t interested in the bdsm dynamics. I felt the need to provide some sensible alternative to the stupid (even dangerous) advice given on dozens of blogs and web forums, especially since many of the advice givers themselves did not even appear to be in relationships, let alone to wear a device. Also, I began writing about very specific things with the small range of devices I had used, such as measurements and comparisons. Reviews of devices have been around for years, but I had hoped to include facts and data to make them more useful to people before they spent their money. And finally, I had hoped that I might be able to educate people about the fairly innocuous “gateway kink” of chastity and denial, even if they weren’t interested in trying it out; and in so doing, perhaps get people to understand that kink isn’t evil or dark or perverted, but rather, that it’s just another way for people to enjoy intimacy.

To those ends, I think I’ve had some success. Edge of Vanilla is one of the more widely read and referenced resources for male chastity (I’ve logged almost 1.2 million hits since I moved to WordPress, typically ranging from 600 to 1,000 per day), and I’ve had emails from dozens of people from around the US and UK who have been inspired and enlightened. And there are now several dozen blogs (well written and frequently updated) by people who use some aspect of enforced chastity in their daily lives, people whose lives have been enriched by embracing the kink. For example, Nipple-ring Dev and I teamed up to start Keyheld, a blog aggregate where you can find the latest updates from many bloggers interested in this. Thumper’s new (and growing) Chastity Forums continues to be a place of good advice, support, and yes, maturity and sanity. Sarah “Not a Mistress” Jameson wrote a a very good book on the subject. And you can find dozens of other links along the sidebar blogroll list. Dozens.

And it’s not just in this little corner of the web anymore, either. The CB6000 devices were well noted in popular mainstream news blogs a few months ago when they were featured at a major adult expo, and it is reputed (although I can’t find the sources) that chastity devices are the next most popular adult toy after dildos & vibrators. Hell, a few years ago, Chinese manufacturers decided that the market was good enough to invest in the very expensive molds in order to make counterfeit copies of the more well-known CB2000, 3000, and 6000 devices. I mean, how many do you expect to sell if you’re willing to spend $20,000 to $50,000 on that kind of equipment?

The point being that “enforced” male chastity, while not mainstream, is slowly moving from the little sub-basement in the kink world into, well, if not the atrium, at least to that little area near the food courts.

Which is why I have decided that my work here is pretty much finished, and it’s time to move on.

Chastity? Yeah, we used to do that, back when it was underground. Now it’s too commercial.

So, Mrs. Edge and I are going to spend time enjoying mutual orgasms, and my junk will get a much deserved rest from having various bits of plastic and metal fastened to it over the last ten years or so that we’ve been doing this. It was fun while it lasted, but now that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an adult shop that’s selling not just one, but several varieties of devices, it’s time to explore those other little corners of the sub-basement.

Since chastity captions seems to be such a huge link draw for me, I’ll just leave one more captioned picture for the chastity aficionados to enjoy.

“Hey, babe, I’ve been thinking. You’ve spent the last ten years in chastity; I think I’m tired of this now. How about if we put the devices away for a while and spend some time screwing like teenagers?”

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The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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31 Responses to Chastity Hipster

  1. Boater38 says:

    Well, I can’t say as I’m surprised. Personally, I’ve never been able to understand why anybody figures you as the “go to” guy for this stuff. Your blog has been going downhill for the last few years. All you do is post pictures of your old, hairy body, and pictures of fat, plus-sized models. Who the hell wants to look at that?


    • Boater38 says:

      Also, I’ll bet you don’t even have a wife.


    • prthomas says:

      Apparently, you want to look at it because you keep coming here. What would you be hatin’ so much on Tom? If you don’t like his blog. LEAVE.


    • Tom Allen says:

      Hey prt – relax, man. I appreciate your support, but you’re reading too much into this.

      I posted this as an April Fool prank, and when people commented indicating that they were on to me, I simply changed their comments to make it look like they were glad I decided to stop.

      Unfortunately, the blog world is going to be subjected to my attention whoring for a little while longer.


    • prthomas says:

      So I fell for the prank. Good show, my man!


  2. slave_nemo says:

    Like almost everything else in life, Tom, chastity can get old, even boring. I know from which I speak. I spent 30 years as a Master in BDSM, and got tired of it, so I became a sub. I am sure that, one day, chastity will become less interesting to me after a few years, too.

    I hope you will continue writing, and continue your blog. After all, there are a quite a few things on “The Edge of Vanilla” that you can talk about. I, for one, would hate to see the blog, or you, go away.


  3. thisgirl says:

    I’ve never believed in any of that chastity stuff, anyway. I’ve never, ever met a guy who would willingly give up an opportunity to orgasm.


  4. Ralph D says:

    Even though you posted this on April Fool’s Day, you sound serious. I can see your point, too much of a good thing (hmm, too much of not enough? seems illogical) gets old after a while. Well, after a few months of unlimited orgasms, when Mrs E puts you back in chastity, denial will be excrutiatingly new again. Do keep us posted, please.


  5. Fusion says:

    I’m with thisgirl. I always thought orgasm denial was a pretty weird kink to have. Like, it kind of defeats the purpose of having a kink, if you ask me.


  6. Ayesha says:

    In my book there r lot of things i would call stupid, silly, obnoxious, objectionable, and hard to understand. Weird i’ve reserved for people who call other people’s kink, sexual preferences, or lust objects, weird.

    Not that i would be an aficionado of chastity and orgasm denial, as i’m certainly not. One could find me rather in the opposite direction, hehe. At times tho, the nasty side of my limbic system likes to force me to enforce abstinence of orgasm on 1 or more males of the species. I mean literally. Not the kind where the male is all too eager to be “forced” into it, and starts dripping pre-cum already by simply having the thought or fantasy of his upcoming “ordeal”. There’s truly something to it to make a man or a woman do something without their consent, or even better, against it. Ahem, i better leave it at that, as this is not even close to the edge of vanilla, but way beyond, if not in an entirely different dimension 🙂


  7. onlyonesmirking says:

    And about those HNTs? One word: Waxing! What is it with you guys who think we want to see all that damn hair?


  8. Ayesha says:

    Although Jacob Barnett is challenging Einstein’s theories these days, i still can say……’s all relative Tom, it’s all relative. But then again, with all them morons cruising the virtual universe, i sometimes certainly feel like an alien from a not even parallel universe.


  9. Jamie says:

    I always thought you were making it up, anyway.


  10. Ayesha says:

    Seems there r still people on the planet who care about this april thingy, Tom. Can it get any more vanilla (sigh)?


  11. nursemyra says:

    Surely you’re jesting Tom….. 😉


  12. Dev says:

    Like a hummingbird drawn to the sweet nectar of the flower, I predict that you’ll be back… 😉



  13. Celtic Queen says:

    The man posts pictures of his willy for the world to see, then runs away?
    Not embarassed are you Tom ? 😉
    Don’t leave us, the gap will be filled by 25 lunatics in no time at all…………………


  14. onlyonesmirking says:

    Everyone else did but well I figured I wouldn’t call you on changing the posts, since when I noted they were changed I knew I was right…


  15. Molly says:

    LOL,….I only just discovered this….but declare this to be the BEST April Fools joke I have seen on the net in ages…..brilliantly done. I laughed so hard when I started to read the comments.

    Thank you



  16. Sex Fairy says:

    !! Wow, you got me with this one! I didn’t read it on April 1, but STILL!!
    😀 Glad it’s a joke!


  17. thumper says:

    You do this while I’m on vacation so I don’t read it until today and I *totally miss* the date upon which you posted it and, you know, JEEPERS! I’m thinking, OH MY GAWD!

    But now I see. A joke. Haha. Very funny. <_<


  18. One of Us says:

    Your website has been an inspiration thank you. We are just trying our hand at this blogging thing ourselves.


  19. Sydney says:

    Tom! Yes even I am very gullible. I just re-read this post and thought is he really leaving the chastity domain? He says “It was fun while it lasted…” OMG! And I was thinking this whole enforced chastity thing is all new for me. Glad you told us it was just a joke, I would have believed you. Yes even me, the queen of April Fools jokes. My family won’t even take my calls on that day, sometimes, I get carried away. Kinda like what I did to Rob (chained him to the bed for the day by his cock cage), he liked it but was hoping the joke would end a little sooner than it did.

    Keep it up Tom. Ummm, that is when you can 🙂


  20. scott Kelly says:

    Hi Tom,

    In spite of the joke, there is a kernel of truth in what you say, if not a whole bowl full of kernels. Nowadays, everybody’s doing a little of everything. So much information is out there, much of it spurious.

    There is some wisdom in shuffling the deck and playing the game with new strategies now and then. I’ve grown bored with the repetitiousness of so much that I see in blogland. I even bore myself more than I would like.

    I’m glad you’re sticking around. Us old coots need the camaraderie of fellow travelers in this subterranean world.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse


  21. Mistress160 says:

    Damn, I fell for it…..


  22. John Jones says:

    Okay a joke is a joke, but no other post in 30 days…well that makes one wonder it does.


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