Idylls of the Queen

So, to those of you that I’ve argued with over the years, and to those of you who emailed me about the inherent goodness of women, and how a woman-run society would be better, and how the world would be a more peaceful, idyllic place if only The Superior Womyn were in charge, I offer this little news item from Massachusetts, showing how much better it is to work in a woman-owned business.

Wife’s Cancer Costs Husband His Job

A Natick man is facing unemployment because his wife has cancer.

Accountant Carl Sorabella got a raise in November for a job well done, but despite more than 13 years with his company, he was recently laid off after his wife’s life-altering diagnosis.
With Kathy’s health fragile, Carl knew he’d need time to be at her treatments and tests. When he shared the news with his boss, his employment of nearly 14 years was terminated.
“She [his employer] said, ‘It’s business. I’m running a company here, and I need to make sure the department runs.’

I know that this is one instance, and not to be taken as a trend, but it’s just that this item just happened to catch my eye after the emails from one of my recent posts which suggested that historical conjecture about alpha pre-historic women is somewhat misguided.

This particular news story is making the rounds, but I can’t get confirmation that the company in question (I’m intentionally not linking to their website; as of this morning it had been taken down) is female-owned, or female-run. It’s interesting, however, to see that the women in charge preferred to fire the husband who simply wanted to take time to care for his wife, even though he offered to do the work on nights and weekends in order to help keep things running.

The point that I’d like to make is that neither gender is inherently “better” than the other. The gene for douche-baggery shows up on either set of chromosomes.


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6 Responses to Idylls of the Queen

  1. Ayesha says:

    No matter the points u make, the ones who propagandize female supremacy/superiority will never agree. Why is that? They don’t believe in the concept of fs/s themselves at all, but use it as a vehicle for coming to terms with their failure as a man, i.e. to have an excuse for not taking the heat when having caused disaster and misery, to have a tool for making it acceptable it’s not their cause to take responsibility, etc.


  2. lovestruck says:

    Hi Tom,

    I think Ayesha makes a good point regarding failure as a man being a trigger to belief in female supremacy. On a microcosmic level, this sense that I had done a poor job in the traditional male role led to me swap roles with my wife. In our case female supremacy was a convenient construct that started our dom/sub relationship. Of course I never believed all woman were superior to me as many obviously were not.

    Female supremacy is clearly nothing more than a construct, either for reasons such as Ayesha stated or in order to satisfy an erotic fantasy.

    Regarding the firing: couldn’t happen like that here in the UK – it would be an discriminatory unfair dismissal and the employer could successfully be sued.


  3. The point that I’d like to make is that neither gender is inherently “better” than the other. The gene for douche-baggery shows up on either set of chromosomes.



  4. Celtic queen says:

    It’s one of those human construct nonsenses to feel that either gender is somehow superior to the other. Different roles, yes. Different identities and dispositions absolutely but to actually believe that one half of an entire species somehow has greater value than the others? Well, I bet the dolphin and dog communities find that hilarious and wonder why we haven’t died out as a species given such an unworkable set of beliefs.


  5. Satan says:

    Yes I see. I don’t quite get why you hate folk if their ideas are not yours.

    If you hate that the few prey upon the many at the bottom of the pack, yes I do get that. I hate that.

    Look at this man and his poor wife has the big C. Then the boss kicks them when down? I hate that. How can you put up with it? Get up off your knees. What are you, serfs?



  6. People get very insane about their ideals of gender. In high school, we read “Lord of the Flies” (Which is a book I loved so much I almost always have had a copy where I was living. Its in a box right now. 😦 ). The teacher had us discussing different topics in class, and asked us if it would have been different if it had been a bunch of girls.

    I was the only one who (at least, out loud) believed it would have been the same. This idea that some people have that women are soooo sweet and tender and gentle and wonderful and sooooo good at getting along, and wasn’t matriarchal society sooo awesome before men came along with their rapey god and ruined it, and wouldn’t it be so shiny if we were in charge now – those people, have never watched a group of 12 year old girls destroy each other. They must not ever have hung out with other women, or met a girl who was just dumb as rocks. Its all equal over the broad spectrum. I agree with the idea that the gene for douche-baggery can fall anywhere.


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