I don’t know why, but whenever I read a weird, odd, or bizarre news headline, it’s almost guaranteed to come fr0m our friends across the pond.

Here’s this week’s item:

Irish woman dies after sex with dog

A man was before Limerick District Court after his Alsatian dog had sex with a 43-year-old woman. The woman later died from an allergic reaction. The incident happened in 2008 and the dog has been held in custody since.

So, apprently it took two or three years to investigate this. Is that because it happens frequently, or because it’s so unusual, even for UK standards?

The reason for the death? I had no idea that this could even happen.

The woman fell ill after the incident and was rushed to Limerick hospital where she died from a severe allergic reaction to the sex.

Ah, now I understand why the investigation took so long. They needed to find an interpreter. How else would they reach this conclusion?

Police are apparently satisfied that the sex was consensual.


Consensual? Seriously?


Okay, everybody post your puns in the comments. Come on, I know you’re dying to write one.



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20 Responses to Sirius-ly?

  1. Hedone says:

    You know, I’m a serious dog lover…NO! not like that. I rescue and volunteer for various dog rescues.

    I have always felt sorry for the animals that are used by people who have sex with animals because I always felt that the sex was NOT consensual. I seemed like abuse.

    However, now I guess there is a dog whisperer, horse whisperer and/or ferret whisperer that can talk to the animals and interpret on their behalf. *rolls eyes*

    Umm…yeah…I’m still in shock over this one.



  2. wild thing says:

    I just read the link posted by dishevelleddomina. OMG! A destination place for lovers of bestiality?! All these men having sex with animals, why don’t they have sex together–get off on and with each other? *tsk, tsk*


    • Tom Allen says:

      They don’t have sex with each other because they don’t want to.

      As it happens, many people into bestiality are in fairly normal sexual relationships – both straight and gay. It seems to be something that some people are curious to try, and out of those, some people keep at it.


  3. Jz says:

    Safe, Sane, and Canine?


  4. Unrepentant says:

    My favorite part of this is that it’s being handled by the Limerick District Court. *snicker*


    • Tom Allen says:

      Did somebody say “limerick”? Hmmm…

      There once was a middle-aged matron,
      Who sadly was recently done in.
      On a curious whim,
      She had offered her quim
      To a friendly and well-trained Alsatian.


  5. hammymay says:

    Just let’s be clear now: Limerick is in Eire and is NOT in the United Kingdom.


  6. Ayesha says:

    Sex with animals? Just another taboo, created by people who r in need of yet another scapegoat.

    Um……how come so many submissive males and females r into pet play?


  7. Tom Allen says:

    Wow, no puns yet? Not even a comment about “‘ruff” sex?


  8. phritz says:

    I think most people are speechless when they read this stuff, hence few puns. The limerick was damned funny Tom.


  9. FYI, Limerick is N O T in the UK, its in the republic of Ireland. We don’t do animals in the UK (though I can’t vouch for the Welsh and their sheep) – we’re much more kinky than that!


  10. Celtic Queen says:

    Firstly, the foot and mouth epidemic cured us Welsh of the ovine romances. So many sheep had to slaughtered that the men had to turn to women for comfort….

    And re the Alsation, trust the Irish to misunderstand the term “dogging”


  11. Hedone says:

    @Ayesha: “…who r in need of yet another scapegoat.”

    I laughed ’til I cried.

    @Tom Allen: That’s a pretty good limerick.



  12. Silly Mistress says:

    This is why you simply enjoy looking at the furry, don’t get on all fours for it.


  13. Appalling.

    I’m even more shocked that the judge considered it consensual.

    Maybe for the man, but animals are *not* capable of consent, at least not legally – (and other posts there, plus the links elsewhere).

    Animal *role* play is an entirely different matter, the same as Daddy/little girl play is a far cry from pedophilia.


  14. Steve says:

    Non consent from the animals and it’s implications is a stupid argument.

    Does a budgie consent to be in a cage, a pic consent to be bacon, a guide dog to being strapped into a harness and live a live of servitude. How is it different if a dog licks your face compared to your genitals? Do they generally like sex with each other – presumably – with a person ?? I’ve never seen it but dogs do tend to display their happiness – tail wagging etc. The difference here is that this is sex, which the uptight prudes have issues with.

    any way – bit embarrassing for the family…. what does the husband / kid / mother / brother say?


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