I’m taking a quick break from all of this talk about submissive men being devalued, and femdom being broken, so I can get this out for some airing.

Marriages are more satisfying for both partners when wives are thinner than their husbands, according to a new study.

The four-year study of 169 newlywed couples found that husbands were more satisfied initially and wives were more satisfied over time when the fairer sex had a lower body mass index — a common measure of body fat.  The study was published in the July issue of Social Psychological and Personality Science.


They were able to figure this out from only 169 couples?

I’m going to imagine that most people have an idea in their head about what is  or is not attractive, and that probably changes over time. But what also changes over time are other factors that probably outweigh (heh heh) things like muffin top or cellulite.

Now, I’m all for being fit, as those readers who have seen this go from a sex blog to an exercise blog can attest. But I’m also a believer that attractiveness is not just about weight, or even weight distribution. So in the interest of presenting a responsible, opposing viewpoint, I’m just going to leave a few of these pictures lying around. Nothing much, just various women of assorted ages, all of whom not looking like anything like a stick.


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20 Responses to Seriously?

    • Tom Allen says:

      Anais, I think I re-Tumbld it. And that actually brings up another good point: Mainstream femdom porn shows either droolingly hawt men in subservient positions (ref: one of my recent posts), or laughably un-hot men in ridiculous circumstances. Why don’t we see more average-ish looking guys?


  1. Unrepentant says:

    Wow, that whole article is made of fail. Cause apparently, not only does everyone’s happiness depend on women being thin and/or petite, it depends on men being “more powerful.” Jeezus.


  2. Ayesha says:

    Marriage? Lmao. More satisfying? Yeah right! Maybe less frustrating!

    The last one could raise my appetite 🙂


  3. Ayesha says:

    Oh, is that her name? U must like her very much then. Especially cos she’s mingling with ur more average-ish looking guys.

    Watching this, made me lose my appetite tho!


    • Tom Allen says:

      Yeah, that’s terrible. Can you believe that? That buxom, heavy-breasted woman wrestling around like that? Rolling on the flloor, squeezing her legs together, he breasts and ass jiggling, her muscles tensing…

      Umm, tensing. All that flesh. All that hot, sweaty, grasping, heaving …

      Yeah, umm, I’ll be back in ten minutes or so…


  4. Celtic Queen says:

    So, these big girls look happy enough to me. Therefore, their husbands must all be humongous fat bastards then. Simple.


  5. Ayesha says:

    Yes u r right. And did u observe the silly giggling during that fake match? So glad u changed ur mind!


  6. dishevelleddomina says:

    Powerful men and skinny women make everyone happy, right??



  7. Tallestrina says:

    Totally agree! also, LOVE the pics of really sexy women! Maybe there’s a dedicated Tumblr??


  8. Hedone says:

    Lovely photos…I have some faves. I really need that outfit in the top pic–I can work that! Oh and great breasts!!! on the nude sunbather on the boat.

    As for the study and measuring BMI, I have not seen the details of the study but I immediately thought that smaller in size or perhaps thinner does not equate to lower BMI. BMI measures fat, right? Well lots of younger men (let’s say 20s) have lower BMI than women because they tend to be more muscular. BMI measures body fat content, correct?

    Don’t bother answering me…stupid study. As you said, attractive is attractive. Fit is fit and has nothing to do with size.

    Good post and a great excuse to post sexy pics of women 😀 😀



    • Tom Allen says:

      Ironically, BMI was not developed to measure fat, but to approximate sample populations in studies of food distribution. At some point, health practitioners began using it as a general guideline to describe population obesity, without taking into account that there are more factors. Then doctors just started using those raw numbers, and now some very healthy people are classed as “overweight” because they just happen to fall in that range.

      Two men, both 5’8″ weigh 180 lbs. One has a 38″ waist (i.e., a large gut), while the other has a 34″ waist – but big shoulders, arms, and legs from working out. Yet the BMI scale shows both as “overweight.” See how useless it is?

      There are much better ways to measure this. BMI should be dropped. But it won’t because it’s so easy. Accurate body fat mass indexes require half a dozen different measurments (or more). If you want, I’ll post some links.


  9. Ferns says:

    So THIS explains why some men are diligently working on a huge beer gut while expecting their women to be lithe wispy little things.

    They are concerned with the marital happiness of them as a couple!! Right, got it!

    And they say chivalry is dead…



  10. Milliscent says:

    In my view, sexy always is attitude, never stick thin,



  11. Anon says:

    I always find that the big curvy women are the sexiest,


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