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Anybody who has the slightest interest in male chastity by now probably knows about Sarah Jameson and her Male Chastity Blog. She hasn’t been blogging much lately, although she seems to be trying to develop a male chastity marketing empire. In addition to her ebook and audiobook  Be Careful What You Wish For, she has released a couple of follow-up books on T&D: Why He Wants You to Say No, and How to Drive Your Man Insane With Desire, all of which were good reading, and approach this kink from a mainly vanilla perspective (as opposed to the more domminatrixy tones of the Lucy Fairborne book). All of these are slim volumes that an interested guy could hand over to a vanilla partner.

One of the reasons that Sarah is not blogging much is because she has taken to writing almost-daily inspirational emails to people who have signed up for her Male Chastity Lifestyle email list. Reading like quick “life coach” missives, the short emails from the “Male Chastity Lifestyle” urge the readers (mainly men, I think) to stop wasting time, and to sit down and talk to their partners about what they would like to see in a relationship (especially in relation to being locked up). Personally, I’m getting tired of the word “lifestyle,” but that’s a private rant for another day.

Now she and her husband Jon have launched an actual newsletter. Yes, that’s right: what emails used to be when they were printed and sent to your post office for delivery. The newsletters will only be available to The Male Chastity Lifestyle “Inner Circle” subscribers and upon request, will also be available as a PDF for people who would prefer to read them on a Nook, Kindle, phone, or other e-reader. Personally, I suspect that more people will choose the e-reader option, if only so as not to have to explain anything should somebody accidentally find the stack of newsletters. Yes, you can explain a stack of Playboy or Penthouse mags around the house, but for most people, it’s still difficult to explain anything much kinkier than that.

I have a copy of the first newsletter (yes, in PDF), and except for the fact that the subject matter is, you know, locking up your junk, really looks like it could be any other professional lifecoaching newsletter. Sarah starts off writing on why she started this:

[…]it was becoming unmanageable, and I felt it was unfair on people who were serious about male chastity to be giving my time and energy on wannabes and people who are too lazy to read the blog and follow simple instructions like, “read the blog and FAQ before sending me a message”.

So that’s why I created this newsletter and the Inner Circle — so I could focus on giving my time and attention to people serious about male chastity and the topics that interest them.

She promises in the future to address questions in the newsletter itself, presumably because Dear Abby typically doesn’t deal with such matters. And just like in her MCL emails, she keeps reminding readers that they need to work on the relationship first, that male chastity is not a fix for marriages that have communication issues. Se then follows up with some tips for approaching one’s partner with the idea.

A nice addition to the newsletter will be a regular feature by  her husband Jon, who promises to write about his experiences in long-term chastity, how he deals with it, and his thoughts on going for even longer terms in the future.

It surprises many to learn I’m not “suffering” despite not having had an orgasm since New Year’s Eve, and I’m not perpetually climbing the walls and howling at the moon.

In fact, life goes on as normal (as Sarah has written many times), and I go about it normally. Meaning, I’m not constantly thinking about sex or my orgasm (or lack of it).


However, what I have found is my libido has gone through the roof and I am on an absolute hair-trigger in terms of sexual arousal. Meaning, I can go from cold to ready to orgasm in about three seconds flat, with as little stimulation as a long, passionate kiss. Which is a nice place to be.

So much for not suffering.

So, how do you get to read more? Yes, you have to pay for the newsletters. Sarah has always been very upfront about her Libertarian outlook, and while she’s not charging much, some people seem to be upset that she’s charging anything at all. Several people have written to me (which is funny, because I’m not Sarah’s business partner), asking about the Inner Circle, and whether or not it’s “worth it” to subscribe.

The answer is: I don’t know. I couldn’t possibly make that decision for anybody.

I will say, though, that Mrs. Edge and I had to work out pretty much everything for ourselves, and it took the better part of 10 years because there simply weren’t the resources available, and we certainly couldn’t ask our friends for advice. But we did spend money on several good books on BDSM and related sexuality, and we found those resources to be worth it at the time. If you are looking for a good digest of real-world (as opposed to wank-fest fantasy) advice, especially as something to pass along to your partner, then you might consider Sarah’s Inner Circle newsletter a good value.

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One Response to Inured Circle

  1. tcs says:

    I’ve enjoyed the blog from time to time, but I don’t understand what insights are there, or in the e-mails, that can’t be found elsewhere and on free blogs, forums (thank you to all of those who blog, write on forums, etc.). I suppose the angle is that a woman is purportedly driving the chastity instead of the husband.


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