Doris Miller: Penis Padlocks

Gloria Brame beat me to this yesterday, but for those who may have missed it, check out this interesting article on Doris Miller. It’s a bit of a puff piece, but as articles about AL Enterprises are rare, I thought it was worth adding to the collective.

From the City Weekly (Utah):

Doris Miller: Penis Padlocks

Carbon County natives Doris and Frank Miller run a booming business manufacturing the CB-6000 line of male-chastity devices. These high-tech, clear-plastic penis padlocks assure the keyholder that the wearer’s genitalia remain safely under wraps during unsupervised periods. A.L. Enterprises, Inc. recently moved from Price to Las Vegas’ freer business climate, but its patent notices still liven up the business pages of Utah dailies. City Weekly asked Doris about the male-chastity biz.

You can read the article online, but apropos of Kink In Exile’s recent question, here’s Doris’ take on the typical customer:

Our revolutionary line of products is marketable to the fetish enthusiast, as well as couples looking to increase their intimacy and sense of adventure. (italics mine -TA) The target customer is diverse. The product appeals to men and women alike. The misconception is that the male-chastity device is only purchased to correct a wayward husband. In reality, the majority of customers purchasing a male-chastity device fall into two main groups: either fetish devotees, or couples interested in expanding their sexual experiences with “chastity play.” Chastity play can bring the spark and excitement back into an otherwise stagnant relationship. Customers who use our products in cases of infidelity find chastity play helps bring trust back into the relationship.

It’s an interesting article, but as I said, a bit of a puff piece, and not really as in-depth as one that was written up a few years ago. For some more background, have a look at Lust Under Lock and Key.

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5 Responses to Doris Miller: Penis Padlocks

  1. Celtic Queen says:

    Tom, such dulcet tones, I had no idea 😉


  2. kinkinexile says:

    Thanks for sharing!


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  4. Liras says:

    Nice to put a (brave) face on a (fun) toy.


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