Lovin’ Our Bloggers – 1

Something I learned from the recent Love Our Lurkers day is that a lot of my “lurkers” have blogs of their own, most of them ones that I read, myself. Seriously, at last count I subscribe to close to 300 blogs; ones that I particularly enjoy, I list on my blogroll, separated by category, with my most recent finds being listed up at the top. I subscribe to many others via their RSS feeds (I use Google Reader, simply because it’s convenient).

Because I’ve got the links set up in categories (and because I link to so many awesome writers), I know that many of my readers use my blogroll as a link aggregate. So, for those of you who may have recently discovered Edge of Vanilla (or for those of you who haven’t taken the opportunity to explore much beyond my own posts), I wanted to take some time to show some love to some of the people that have inspired and entertained me. So, in no particular order, here’s an introduction.

Domme Chronicles. I wasn’t going to include Ferns on this list, figuring that if you weren’t already smart enough to be reading her, then you don’t deserve to have me mention it. Ferns is one of those bloggers that I actually wish she could live next door so she could drop by for a glass of wine in the evenings and ramble on about life, the universe, and everything. A self-described “‘Dominant Woman,” Ferns writes about domination without letting one forget that she is, first, a woman. The close-knit community of commenters shows that she doesn’t have a sex blog; rather, it’s a blog for sexy, thinking people.

The Pleasure Principle is a fairly new discovery. You know who Hedone is. She’s the sassy girl who sat in the back of the class making zingers at the teacher — but who didn’t get detention. She’s the co-worker who makes the off-color comments in meetings — that make the stuffy boss crack up. She’s the very kinky girl that you did take home to mother — and your mother loved her. Hedone writes about her adventures, mainly with a lucky guy known as Kinky Gent, and frankly, I’m glad that she doesn’t live next door, because she’d probably egg Mrs. Edge on to to some things that would even scare me.

I get a lot of out-clicks to A Reluctant Bitch, probably because (given the nature of most of my links) one imagines her as someone who is slowly becoming a dominatrix. I hope that readers aren’t disappointed to discover that Jz is really an attractive, independent woman who has discovered a passion for being bound — by ropes, but not by convention.

If you’re here because of a search on male chastity, then you’ve also discovered Denying Thumper. Thumper is one of the few — very few — “chastity blogs” that has managed to stay fresh and interesting. I don’t always agree with him; hell, I don’t even always understand him. But there’s no question that Thumper is writing from a special, deep place, and you simply can’t doubt his honesty and emotional openness.

The name of the author of Tales of a Domme, for me, conjures up the vision of a house where the flogger might be in the broom closet, the strap-on harness is holding a loose cabinet door, and the husband is in long term chastity only because she lost the keys. I’m sure that Dishevelled Domina isn’t really that disheveled, but it’s amusing to imagine. Her blog is fairly new, but she’s an excellent writer.

After spending an eternity leaving insightful comments all over blogland, I was very glad that Stabbity finally decided to start blogging on her own. First of all, just her name alone kicks ass. But that wasn’t enough for her. Oh no. Now, whenever I think of Stabbity, I envision Demi Moore’s character GI Jane. Why? Because in my mind, you’ve gotta have some serious brass balls to call your blog Not Just Bitchy, a reference to the sadly AWOL blogger Bitchy Jones. Stabbity, however, does manage to pick up where Bitchy left off. In fact, I’m betting that within a week of this, she’ll have a post up to the effect of “Yeah, thanks for the sentiment, Tom, but how is correlating bravery to male appendages supposed to be a fucking compliment to me? Stop being part of the goddam problem!”

Rounding out this installment of bloggers is Celtic Queen and Celtic Queen’s Sub, both of whom I’ve gotten to know not from blogging, but from the Chastity Forums. Over the last five or six years, I’ve run across literally dozens of “pink blogs,” that is, blogs written by men hoping (usually without much luck) to convince their wives into a FLR. This couple lives that way,  and apparently rather successfully.

I hope that you, Gentle Reader, take the opportunity to peruse the aforementioned blogs, and perhaps to even leave a comment or three on the ones that you enjoy. Meanwhile, I’ll be making up a list of some more favorites.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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15 Responses to Lovin’ Our Bloggers – 1

  1. Jz says:

    Thank you, sunshine!

    You know I love you, too!


  2. Hedone says:

    Mr. Not-so-Vanilla,

    Thank you for the “shout out”. And you are quite correct. Mrs. Edge would be my playmate and partner in naughty crimes against you.




  3. Celtic Queen says:

    Aw bless you, thanks for the shout Tom, I’m not remotely pink (or fluffy) ;-). More a black PVC kinda girl really ….


  4. TemptingSweets99 says:

    Thanks for the list. I look forward to checking out the blogs with which I’m unfamiliar. Also, checking out your sidebars, I discovered that you have a Tumblr. Yay! I’m off to check it out!


  5. Ferns says:

    Aww… are you blowing kisses at me over the fence, Tom?

    *blows a kiss back*

    8pm, my place, shrimp on the barbie. You know the drill: we will argue about how wrong you are (not sure about what yet, but we will sort it out). Be naked, mmmkay?



  6. Stabbity says:

    Squee! I loved Demi Moore’s character in GI Jane. It’s funny, in hindsight it certainly takes balls to reference Bitchy Jones in your blog, but when I named it I was just thinking of it as a tribute to a blog I miss terribly. I guess someone had to pick up the torch 🙂


  7. Liras says:

    Hi Tom. Thanks for the list, which I will check out but even more, thanks for such good words about lurkers. Made me smile (since I am one, 3/4 of the time!)


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  9. DD says:

    I hate WordPress right now. Why did I not get a notification about your new posts? Stupid freaking piece of…

    lots of my favorites on the list and some I will have to go check out.
    Oh, and may I just ask why you’ve been looking in my broom closet??


  10. thank you for the wonderful leads! i’m new and oh-so-excited for new reading material!



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