Lovin’ Our Bloggers – 2

Something I learned from the recent Love Our Lurkers day is that a lot of my “lurkers” have blogs of their own, most of them ones that I read, myself. Seriously, at last count I subscribe to close to 300 blogs; ones that I particularly enjoy, I list on my blogroll, separated by category, with my most recent finds being listed up at the top. I subscribe to many others via their RSS feeds (I use Google Reader, simply because it’s convenient).

Because I’ve got the links set up in categories (and because I link to so many awesome writers), I know that many of my readers use my blogroll as a link aggregate. So, for those of you who may have recently discovered Edge of Vanilla (or for those of you who haven’t taken the opportunity to explore much beyond my own posts), I wanted to take some time to show some love to the people that have inspired and entertained me. So, in no particular order, here’s an introduction to some more of my favourites.

Nemo is another blogger that I know from other venues. His blog is called Tease, Denial, & CBT, reflecting some of his particular interests, which appear to be Sexual Teasing, Orgasm Denial, and Computer Based Training.  Nemo’s posts are a mix of idle musings and captioned pictures (which seem to feature attractive women, sexual teasing, but not much in the way of Computer Based Training, as far as I can tell). Nemo, himself, appears to be happily married to…

Mistress Ivey, who writes a wonderful “How To” manual on Becoming a Mistress. Ms. Ivey’s blog should be required reading for any couple who are just starting to explore chastity or even basic BDSM. She approaches her topics (generally sexual teasing, male chastity, orgasm denial, and ruined orgasms) with sly humor and good information. Her articles are always well-written, and are aimed at newbie or vanilla-ish women.

I can’t remember how I ran across Amai, but how can you not follow someone refers to what she enjoys as “Fundom”? Dommesticity is still a fairly new blog, but Amai has filled it with interesting perspectives on the nature of dominance, submission, and the range of sexualities that revolve around them.

Delving into Deviance is written by Dev, a woman who is not an expert. She admits as much, so that wasn’t a dig. Dev writes on kink from a slightly different perspective: don’t go there looking for erotica; instead, go there to have your own perspectives on kink broadened a bit.

For yet another foray into the meta-philosophy of kink, spend a few minutes at Lab Coats & Lingerie. The co-authors, Fizz and Professor Chaos, are self-identified as “queer, fat, poly, dominant, switchy, and agender,” and “pansexual, dominant, disabled, and femme.” You can just imagine what kinds of topics their blog covers.

Like him or loathe him, you can’t deny that Maymay puts a huge effort into arguing for what he believes to be sexual social justice and equality. He has a number of projects, but he writes mainly at Maybe Mainmed. You can’t read one of May’s posts quickly; there’s a lot to them, so much so that you might start off agreeing with him, and then find yourself disagreeing by the end of the article.

Selena and Dymion (mainly Dymion) write the erotic blog Domination, Submission, and Love in Life & Dreams. Just stop reading this right now, and click the link already; I’m not going to tell you twice. Okay, are you back yet? See what I mean?

I have a thing for older women, so rounding out this installment is DDD (short for Dick Dyke Dick), whose name reflects her transition from het to lesbian and to het. DDD is a woman of a certain age who writes with abandon, and blatantly shows off her ridiculously well-maintained body several times a week.

Once again, I hope that you, my dear readers, will take the opportunity to look at some of my own favorite reads, and perhaps leave a comment there to spread the love. Meanwhile, I’ll be back at EoV Labs working on the next installment.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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11 Responses to Lovin’ Our Bloggers – 2

  1. TemptingSweets99 says:

    so many wonderful blogs out there.


  2. Rosie says:

    Thank you for sharing. I need some new reads and certainly a recommendation from a smart man is a huge help


  3. DD says:

    More fun reading material, YAY!

    300 blogs??

    How do you get any work done?


  4. lockedhubby says:

    This is a great resource, and I just added you to my blogroll. Would appreciate being on yours. Best wishes.


  5. maymay says:

    You can’t read one of May’s posts quickly; there’s a lot too [sic.] them, so much so that you might start off agreeing with him, and then find yourself disagreeing by the end of the article.

    Hm. Is that a hypothetical or a personal experience, Tom? 🙂 If the latter, which post?

    Either way, thanks for the shout out.


  6. slave_nemo says:

    Thank you for the plugs! Mistress Ivey and I both appreciate it. However, at this time Mistress is recovering from minor surgery and can’t really do much.

    As for me… You pegged me. I have been quite whimsical in my blog. Mostly captioned photos because I lost the only other place I used to post them.

    I have also discovered that most of my readers read Mistress Ivey’s blog, and by the time they get to my blog there ain’t much more I can teach them. So I have gone to entertaining them with a stabs at teaching thrown in for good measure.

    Thanks, Tom!


  7. Prt says:

    Is there a blog or forum where you can just vent, positive or negative, on your feelings and experiences in the world of kink? Sometimes I’d just like to pop off about something, something that I really can’t discuss with my friends (all vanilla) or my wife. Point me somewhere, please?



  8. DDD says:

    Tom, you sweetie. I really should get off my own blog once in awhile. What a wonderful compliment. Thank you. You just made my day. Or should I say, new year:-)


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