More chastity in the news

Seeing as how many things that first show up in porn make it into the mainstream, I’m wondering when male chastity devices will start showing up on bad sitcoms.

I mention this because at last week’s AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and Adult Novelty Expo, the Millers (or more correctly, AL Enterprises) was there to show off their now well-known line of chastity devices. I missed it this year, since the budget here at Edge of Vanilla Labs didn’t seem to allow for “travel” in the research category; fortunately, the Las Vegas Review Journal had a few things to say:

In equally positive news, depending on your perspective, Las Vegas-based AL Enterprises is marketing a male chastity device that retails for $150. (Answer to obvious question: plastic tubes in various sizes, locking rings and padlocks.)

“It puts control of the couple’s sexuality into the key-holder’s hands,” said Nikki Yates, co-corporate director.

I really like the matter-of-fact reporting, as opposed to some of  the “WTF is this?” reporting seen last year.

They have a really nice looking booth, by the way.

They touched on something that I’ve wondered about, though: The sales numbers.

About 80 percent of the company’s customers are couples, she said. About 95 percent of the devices are purchased by men, but usually because the man’s partner thinks it’s a good idea.

AL works with five distributors, in addition to direct sales through its website,

I’m curious as to how they get those kinds of numbers. If 95% per cent of buyers are male, how do they know that 80% are married or partnered? I don’t remember seeing any survey on their website.

But wait – how many are they selling? The answer is still elusive.

Christi Morrell, co-corporate director, said the 13-year-old company’s sales increase 12 percent to 15 percent each year.

“The economy hasn’t affected us,” Yates said, adding that buyers at AVN seem more receptive to different products than in previous years.

I have noticed, though, that compared to 5 or 6 years ago, it’s fairly easy to find online porn (pictures or videos) with a man in a chastity device. They are still primarily in BDSM situations, but during a  long afternoon   few minutes on Youporn, Redtube, Xhamster, etc., it doesn’t take much effort find male subs wearing chastity devices for their cruel mistresses. When you think of some of the other things that have transitioned into more mainstream media (vibrators, dildos, fetish gear, etc.) then maybe it’s not such a stretch to imagine plastic and steel devices being hinted at by consumers hoping for the cutting edge of fetish fashion.

For those of you who doubt the feasibility, consider the cable-only channel Showtime has been airing a “reality program” called “Gigolos.” I haven’t seen it (I don’t have extended cable), but there is an episode from last year that you can find by doing a Google search on “Cock cage episode.” Seriously.

Here’s an interesting tidbit that you’ll find: Jimmy is asked to wear a cock cage, and the longer he wears it, the more he’s paid by a dominatrix.This episode aired last year.

Hah hah hah hah! Oh gosh, that’s so funny. Because, you know, with so many guys out there who seem to be begging to wear these devices, one of our gigolos manages to find the one domme in Las Fucking Vegas who can’t find a man to wear one for free, let alone who would pay her to hold a key.

There was a video of this part of the episode a few weeks ago, but it was apparently hosted on a Megaupload affiliate. But what I saw was a 20-something guy who was locked into a Curve. Of all the devices to portray, they picked the Curve. That’s right, a cable TV show featured a dominatrix who is paying a guy to wear what is arguably the bulkiest, ugliest,  most obtrusive, and least convenient chastity device on the market.

But that’s okay, because hey, it’s a chastity device on TV. Next year, maybe one will be on a more raunchy network show like Two and a Half Men, and a year later will pop up as a side plot on House. And when, one day your work friends are talking about the “kinky cock cage” that they saw on Big Bang Theory, you can give your hipster smirk and tell them that you  knew about those things before they went mainstream.

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16 Responses to More chastity in the news

  1. Hey Tom
    I saw that episode of Gigolos… it was, in my humble opinion, staged. But hey, it’s TV, what do you really expect… that aside it was quite funny.


    • Tom Allen says:

      The clip I saw gave me the impression that it wasn’t really real; but that makes it even worse. If you’re going to take the time and trouble to stage it, then why not do a better job of it? Sheesh.


  2. Peroxide says:

    I think its going to be a while before you see more than a throw away line on a basic cable sitcom referencing male chastity, (even then I’d imagine that it’d be the something you’d only see if you were looking for it, and anyone else would just recogonise a familiar trope and laugh on cue.)

    It could pop up on a showtime show, but Chasity play as a form of intimacy conflicts with the most common sex tropes, so I don’t think it would be portrayed positively. I mean, look at anal. It’s never been more a more common activity than it is today, yet rarely gets a mention on even the sauciest shows.


  3. Michael K says:

    Though chastity devices at sex expos, and brief mentions on TV expands the world of sexual variation to the masses, I think that the full-on nature of using a device, and the way it is depicted in porn with, as Tom says, “a cruel mistress”, also presents the message that this is only for extremists, and thus has nothing to do with making vanilla more edgy.

    Chastity, as with BDSM, tends mainly to get written about by those most into it, and the porn tends to depict a fictional world which makes those who are fully into it in real-life appear fairly mild (I suspect most real-life Chastity is done with a loving partner and not a cruel bitch).

    What I would like to see much more of is tastes of kink done by vanilla people – the half way point between full on Chastity / BDSM etc. This misses out on the full intensity and experience of those doing what is currently written about, but is still fun for those who don’t want to go all the way, and is something that many more people might be interested in than who would want to go to the extreme.

    With food, though many people like only mild food, many of us like slightly to fairly strong hot spices in some of our food. And very few of us want to eat at the Red Hot Chilly Club where all the food is extremely spicy.

    Yet with sex it is as if it is the Red Hot Chilly Club or mild food – with little in-between.

    Exploring moderately spicy food is seen as ‘not doing it properly’ by those who eat extremely hot spicy food and is seen as too hot by those who have never started to explore spicy food.

    With food the real impact of hot spices is not that there are people into eating lots of very hot spicy food, but that so many of us enjoy our food in the middle range of hotness.

    I think that BDSM, Chastity, Tantra, etc are all continuums from non-at-all to full-on.

    The biggest revolution with sex will, in my opinion, be when the media present some half-way points treated as a normal variation on sex.

    And before the media can do this, those into non-vanilla sex will have to recognise that the biggest revolution is taking a milder version of the kink to the masses.


  4. Michael K says:

    And on a totally different topic from my previous post – the sales figures and market information is interesting.

    What was NOT said, but I suspect is true, is that a not insignificant number of sales are to men who WANT their partner to make them use the device – but in the end the device rarely or never gets used.

    From reading about chastity it also seems that once someone is wearing a device there is often a search to find a device which works best.

    So I also suspect that a not insignificant number of sales are to men who already have one (or more) devices and are searching for something better.

    Not good marketing to tell potential clients what really happens, which is why they say so little.

    Would anyone much more knowledgeable about the chastity scene like to guess what percentage of sales might be to the never or hardly ever use segment and what percentage might be in the looking for something better segment?


  5. Tallestrina says:

    Personally, I DON’T want male chastity devices to become common knowledge, because then, if my PA-5000 (or TA501 🙂 is leaving a slight line in my jeans, people might work out what it is..


    • Tom Allen says:

      people might work out what it is.

      But, wouldn’t that increase your social status? You know, “Oooh, looks like Talle and his wife are into those kinky games!” If your friends are typically old-marrieds, wouldn’t they be envious knowing that you and your wife are acting like teenagers in the bedroom?


  6. kent says:

    I agree with the thoughts expressed here that more exposure on TV/movies could pull chastity device usage in a more mainstream direction. It reminds me how excited I would get in the per-internet days when a mainstream media outlet would feature a spanking scene or reference ( another fav fetish of mine besides chastity). I was usually very critical of the context of the situation (again many cruel Domme stereotypes) but over-all I was always pleased that at least in some manner it was getting presented to a large audience and by that alone a certain normalcy was brought to it.


  7. Emma Kelly says:

    The perfect scenario for the introduction of chastity devices to regular TV would have been ER. I honestly often wondered what the heck would have happened if, god forbid, Scott and I would have ever been in a car accident while he was wearing his Gerecke chastity belt. Getting that thing off without the key would have been a major project and ERs are where you “see everything”.


  8. You we’re speculating on the real sales volume of CB-6000s. I can offer a little insight. When deciding what toys to sell at I look to eBay to find what’s selling over there.

    A search of 3,300 listings in the adult category, including only eBay top rated sellers, where at least one sale occurred, didn’t yield ANY CB-6000s. I did find that someone has sold over 70 “bird cage” devices (with “impaler”, oh joy!)

    As you mentioned, the CB-6000 seems to be in every video these days, so we ended up stocking both the CB and Bird cage, and our chastity devices videos are among our most watched.

    Male chastity is far from a “niche” fetish in my experience.


    • Tom Allen says:

      A few years ago, ebay was flooded with Chinese knock-offs. I think that AL Enterprises may have asked ebay to intervene, although I see that there are still knock-offs available at a number of other web stores – but they are sold under a slightly different name.

      This further confirms my opinion that chastity is often seen as a “gateway kink” and is something that can be enjoyed by mainly vanilla couples who are just looking for a little spice.


  9. tcs says:

    Two chastity posts in ONE week? Welcome back! Did Thumper and you trade personas?


  10. thumper says:

    Big Bang Theory? God, I hope it’s Wolowitz who wears it. He’ll combust.


  11. Anon says:

    Claifornication has a episode where someone gets locked out n a chastity belt


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