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I’ve tried to keep Edge of Vanilla focused on sexuality without introducing politics and religion. This is because I don’t want to handle the constant arguing and bickering that inevitably follows crossing into those territories, which tend to detract from the original topic. Also, politically I tend to be libertarian (fiscally conservative and socially liberal) and while not religious, I am somewhat spiritually inclined. This means that I already get into arguments with my friends over pretty much everything, so I don’t need one more venue for that type of discussion.

Politically, I’ve been disappointed with both major parties for some time, which has caused a rift with some of my friends who are actively involved with them. Over the last ten years or so, I’ve seen several close friends and family members become more fundamentalist/literal Christian oriented, and I often feel like they are getting sucked into a cult, because conversations about normal things often are stonewalled when they drop the “But God said” card.

So, once in a while it’s nice (for me) to run into something that helps to put a humorous spin on the situation. My US readers will probably get a chuckle from this, so my apologies to those elsewhere who may not have been following our recent political circus.

These ‘toons are from the webcomic “Doomed to Obscurity.” It’s mainly a geek-oriented strip, but this week they have branched out a little.

Unfortunately, I can’t scale these for this blog layout; you’ll need to click them to see the full view.



Reference: Santorum.

Of course, now I also get to analyze the use and stereotypes of the Dominatrix in the Media; in this case, note her typical leather gear and the innate sadism. Also, the elements of non-consent and latent homoerotic thoughts of the sub (Perry).

And now, some eye/mind bleach to get rid of those nasty thoughts of religious politicians.

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2 Responses to Sunday Comics

  1. Penguin Pete says:

    Hi, “Doomed to Obscurity” webcomic author here! 🙂

    I feel I owe some explanation. I do not mean to offend the kink community with my portrayal of the character ‘Audrina’ (the Dominitrix). It’s kind of a loving parody… I try to make it come off that way. But she’s in leather because, well, how else do you portray a Dominitrix so people will understand what she is in 250×250 pixels of space in four panels? Sort of like you have to put a pink bow in Daisey Duck’s hair or otherwise the audience won’t know she’s female. Mercy of the court, may I throw myself on it? If I knew a better way, I swear I’d do it.

    As for the circumstances, this particular story arc was triggered when newspapers pulled Doonesbury for a strip about Texas’ anti-choice laws (yes, it really happened, and Rick Perry was the catalyst). So I’m having Audrina channel liberal-rage by beating up Perry on a ruse, not portraying a standard consensual relationship.

    I knew this story arc would be trouble.

    She started out as a one-strip joke a couple years back, but I decided to keep a part-time kinkster around in the cast (she’s a mainframe sysadmin by day) because the strip is mainly about geeks, and there’s a huge crossover between the two groups. Geeks, particularly computer geeks, just generally trend to non-vanilla relationships and are more friendly to polyamory, bisexuality, GLBT, BDSM, and every other lifestyle under the rainbow.

    TV Tropes calls this “Brains and Bondage”:

    While Eric S. Raymond, tribal bard for “hackers” (original hackers, what we now call geeks) noted years ago that hackers tend to be more alt-lifestyle-friendly:

    So anyway, that’s why a strip about computer geeks has a Dominitrix in it. Thank you for having an understanding sense of humor about it. 🙂 Peace out…


    • Tom Allen says:

      Hi Pete –

      No worries about Audrina, and no explanation should be necessary. Kinky US readers would immediately have picked up the context because of the political circus that’s been happening.

      And you’re right – how do you get across the concept that someone is a dominatrix when you only have 4 panels? You take the shortcuts of cultural stereotypes: black leather, boots, flogger. My remarks were not about *your* comic, but rather about the stereotype itself and how it’s always played that way in the media.

      But interestingly, even when we do see a woman in media who appears to be dommish, web boards immediately fill with discussion about how said actress would look dressed in boots, leather, etc.

      Not in IT myself, but I am the “family tech support” guy, so I’ve been enjoying your comic since I ran across it last year. Thanks for stopping by.


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