The Submissive’s Wish

The Submissive’s Wish

Once, a submissive woman was at a play party, kneeling in front of her Master with his cock in her mouth, as was his usual desire. She grew restless at not being able to look around at the activity, and began to imagine all of the exciting things happening. “This is stupid,” she thought to herself. “I’ll bet the male subs don’t have to sit around sucking cock all night. I wish I were a male submissive.”

The BDSM spirits heard her silent plea, and suddenly, she found herself at the party as a male submissive.

She walked around for a little while, enjoying the sights and sounds of the play party. But eventually she discovered that submissive women did not talk to submissive men, that most of the domme women considered them to be a nuisance, and that the dom men were very dismissive. “Looks like being a submissive male isn’t what I thought,” she said to herself. “Now, domme women have it made. The men fawn all over them, and all they need to do is to sit in the chairs and look pretty. I wish I were a domme woman. ”

And once again, the BDSM spirits heard her wish and changed her into a female dominant.

She sat on a chair in the middle of the biggest play space, and enjoyed the attention of the submissive men offering to get her this, or to fetch  her that. But soon, she grew discouraged. “Most of these submissive men are middle-aged and a bit overweight, not like the sub men in the movies,” she thought to herself. “And they keep trying to get me to touch them, and they keep pressing themselves up against me, and offering to lick my boots. Ugh, and these freaking boots are killing me, and this leather corset is too damn tight, and the dom men keep telling me that I only think I’m a domme because I haven’t been topped by the right guy. I guess if one really wants to have power in the scene, you need to be a dom man.”

Moments later, she was changed into a male dominant.

“Yeah, now we’re cooking with gas,” she said, as she looked around the room. But she discovered that she couldn’t concentrate on the party; instead, her head was filled with thoughts like “I wonder if I’ve got enough Viagra at home for the rest of the week?” and “Both my slaves are having their period, and they’re driving me crazy with their constant bickering,” and “Oh, there’s a new girl. I should chat her up, but how am I going to talk my slaves into taking another sister into the house?” As all these thoughts swirled in her mind, she noticed a pleasant feeling in her crotch. She looked down and saw a female submissive kneeling between her legs, and sucking on her cock.

She thought to herself, “Man, I guess being a male dominant isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either. I wonder what the answer to all of this is?”

And suddenly she was transformed back into the sub, kneeling on the floor, with her Master’s cock in her mouth.

“Oh, fuck this noise!” she said, spitting it out. Quickly she arose, removed her collar and flung it at her surprised Master’s head, and marched out of the play party. She went back to school, became a massage therapist, and a few years later opened her own spa.

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The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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