Safe (Senior) Sex

Social conventions change slowly… but they do change. This means that we need to keep abreast of the latest trends in order to provide support when and where it’s needed.

What am I going on about? Old people are having sex. No, seriously.

More specifically, unmarried old people are having sex without the awareness of the precautions that younger people now take for granted. The rate of senior citizens with Sexually Transmitted Diseases has skyrockted over the last ten years, with no appearance of slowing down for the foreseeable future.

Fortunately, some people had the foresight to get on this. Safer Sex for Seniors is a new website offering up tips, advice, and information for seniors interested in pursuing an active sex life. It’s an example of a good, informational website that doesn’t presuppose that all of it’s users will be cis-gendered straight married couples; the sidebar informational links to PDFs on topics ranging from Bisexuality, to Transgender issues, to condom use, to one’s sexual rights while in institutional care, to using adult toys.

Safer Sex for Seniors produced a short video that highlights the issues of “safe sex” STD prevention, while keeping a light-hearted tone that’s not patronizing. Apparently, we’ve learned something since the big sexual education programs of the 1980s.

I know that some of you are looking at these pictures of what are, frankly, older and out-of-shape people posing in what might be some of your own favorite positions, and are wondering if you’ll ever feel comfortable around your parents or grandparents again. You need to keep in mind that there is no age at which one suddenly loses sexual desire. You also need to learn that the images that you’re looking at in this post, and on the SS4S’s cute poster are pretty much what all of us have to look forward to when we’re past retirement age.

Personally, I find that as I get older, I’m still attracted to women my own age, and occasionally find myself wondering what lies ahead, sexually speaking, when I’m in my 70s or 80s.

The only drawback about the SS4S website (and their Twitter account) is that I’m having a hard time imagining enough seniors savvy enough with the internet to access their website. That is, are the seniors who are not familiar with the internet the same ones that could benefit the most from this information? And does anyone have any ideas on how to promote this message to those who really need it?

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11 Responses to Safe (Senior) Sex

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  2. Softdawnlight says:

    How? Through their kids of course!

    If you have a senior parent you get to research all sorts exciting and useful topics. What about how to have sex with a pee bag?

    Oh, the continuing joys of parenting your parents….


    • Tom Allen says:

      I know the answer, of course, but it does bring up some concepts that I’m not quite ready to think about just yet.

      And for that matter, I can’t imagine my kids (at 50, hah!) trying to talk to me about sex, either.


      • Softdawnlight says:

        I have comment envy. DD’s was so good, and mine was just what was passing through my head at the moment.

        Your post was great. Well written, and well thought out.


        • Tom Allen says:

          Gosh, thanks. Since I no longer have sex because I’m old, I have to blog about other people having sex now.


        • Softdawnlight says:

          Ok, now that I just don’t agree with. Even if your male parts were not usable, you still have a tongue! Just cause you don’t feel like it, doesn’t mean you can’t participate. After all…if you couldn’t get out of gym class with excuses, you can’t get out of sex either. Buck up, and get to it. 😛


        • Tom Allen says:

          LOL – I should have known I wouldn’t be believed.


        • dawninflux says:

          Last week I read your posts on your chastity device and the strap on that you use. I am so immensely impressed. You have so much to teach other men.

          High-five to your wife, damn she is lucky ~


  3. DD says:

    OK, I am in my 40s now so perhaps that influences my response to this, but I think this is awesome!

    I hope there is a 3D component to this but even so, when I was working as an interim activities director at an assisted living facility in the mid-90s we had a computer lab and instructional periods for the residents. I assume something like that continues, or has been improved upon for many senior citizens. I know our local senior center has classes to teach seniors how to safely and effectively use the interwebz (not all seniors think it’s a series a tubes). If this becomes one of the sites the instructors of such classes direct the seniors to… well, that would be a great thing.

    As medicine and healthy lifestyles increase lifespans and blue pills enhance sexually the simple fact is, old people be getting it on! I think it is a good thing to acknowledge that and inform them on how to best enjoy themselves and be safe.

    I plan to have sex for the next 40 years and I am delighted that resources are being made available and professionals are aware and supportive of people in their 80s getting their groove on.


    • ptbragg says:

      I’m 68. I found this site. I think I could probably find SS4S. My generation’s working life involved use of computers at the tail end, I think — the last twenty years or so. Now those old guys in their eighties, I dunno . . .


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