The Month in Chastity

No, not me. As it happens, we haven’t done the chastity thing in a while, now that Mrs. Edge has discovered ruined orgasms. For that matter, I think I’ve only had two or three full-on orgasms since December; most of our intimate relations are now following the pattern of me pleasuring her, and then her ruining mine by squeezing down hard at the last second — causing me a bit of anguish, and usually wondering why I continue to look forward to them, because I regret my decision each time it happens.

Anyway, I’m sure that nobody reading is interested in that kind of thing. You’re here for the chastity, aren’t you? As it happens, there have been some interesting things happening in the last couple of weeks.

First on the list is Dishevelled Domina’s interview with chastity maven Sarah “I am not a Domme” Jameson. Sarah, of course, is the author of some kind of male chastity blog, and appears to have written a book or something that a few people have found somewhat useful. Sarah is one of the few people who admit (claim?) to use chastity and orgasm denial in a vanilla (i.e., non-BDSM) context.

Psychology Today, the magazine that almost single-handedly created pop-psych has an interesting blog (if you like that sort of thing) and one of the writers (Gary WIlson, author of Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow) just published an article claiming that frequent ejaculations seem to create a “hangover” condition for men. This seems to correspond to what many chastity aficionados claim: that after sex, they simply aren’t interested in being a loving, caring partner for a while.

Coincidentally. Psychology Today also had a small post on the actual history of chastity belts; or more specifically, the myth behind them. Unfortunately, the article was short, and there was little mention about them or their current usage.

And over on Domme Chronicles, Ferns has a revelation as to why chastity play is so hot for some people.

He was kept on a sexual edge for as long as I wanted, our play was intensified, he became sensitised in a way he had never been before, his entire way of walking around in the world changed, his view of himself changed, his relationship with his sexuality was emphasised, and I was the owner of all of it.

It was just incredibly hot hot hot, intensely intimate, and amazingly close-making.

Oh, and before I forget, I just wanted to mention that the Chastity Forums have been growing steadily, and by popular request, we now have a Keyholder Forum. At the moment, it’s a private place for newbie KHs (mainly women, although we have a few men) to discuss issues, concerns, etc. Overall, CF is still a mainly-vanilla forum, though, and the focus is still on support and advice for those interested in chastity play in a relationship. For those of you who are looking for a hangout that is more about the relationship and less about the BDSM aspects, it’s a small, but active community.

I’m off to see The Avengers tonight, so here’s a picture with the appropriate theme.

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5 Responses to The Month in Chastity

  1. Ric C says:

    Taken from the above mentioned article: «… Many men who give up masturbating frequently to Internet porn report that they emerge from a sort of fog within weeks—even those who were not addicted. The benefits they recount sound almost miraculous. Perhaps they feel more assertive, productive and charismatic, find potential mates more attractive, or their motivation to accomplish their goals shoots up. Others report that they put on more muscle at the gym; their hair grows faster; their voices sound more confident and relaxed and even that stuttering stops. They become more responsive to non-synthetic sexual stimuli, and their sexual performance improves…»
    No masturbation means no ejaculation means that a man in Chastity that is denied by his lover and who reduces his porn consumption because the main object of his brain obsession is his lover next to him will be more focus not only his mate but also to his life. The next step for marketing the Chastity Devices will be to have them reimbursed by your employers!


  2. Ferns says:

    “I’m sure that nobody reading is interested in that kind of thing.”

    What?! Are you insane?!!! Tell all!

    “Ferns has a revelation as to why chastity play is so hot for some people.”

    Yeah, I guess it’s sort of okay… *smirk*



  3. Swami says:

    Ruined orgasms are something I need to try. My wife is not at all about chastity. She talks big to get me hot and then wants nothing to do with chastity because she prefers to have my cock available to her. She doesn’t like the planning of chastity at all. She likes sex very much and I must say, our sex is amazing. Also, she does not like me to stay inside her when I cum. She just doesn’t like the mess. Seems to me that the ruined orgasmwould fit just about perfectly into the kink side of my otherwise vanilla world.

    Thanks for the blog. I don’t get here nearly often enough. And PLEASE keep posting on the ruined orgasms. I’ll be looking forward to your future posts.



  4. Anais says:

    Fascinating articles on the other ends of those links. Thanks!


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