Stressed men like big women

So I’m just browsing  porn on Tumblr  the internet news sites the other day, and thinking about the irony in my having started a fitness porn page to keep updates about my weight loss and exercise (you can blame Ms. Ferns for that), and how that doesn’t seem to jibe with my penchant for reposting pictures of women who are a bit on the curvy side, when I happen to stumble across this Live Science post in my RSS reader:

Stress Makes Men Appreciate Larger Women

Men under stress find overweight and obese women to be more attractive than do guys in a relaxed state of mind, new research finds.

The headline and article were fascinating, if short, but  as with many studies in human nature, I think that sometimes we have to take a step back for some perspective. For example:

After the stressful faux interview or quiet waiting period, the men rated the attractiveness of photos of women who ranged in weight from emaciated to obese.

The results revealed that the stressed-out men rated heavier bodies more positively than did men who hadn’t experienced stress. Stressed men also rated normal weight women as more attractive than did their relaxed counterparts.

The evolutionary biology explanation is that stress brings us to operate in some kind of survival mode in which we perceive larger women to have better access to scarce resources than emaciated or thin women. Fair enough, I guess, but let me advance a culturally biased hypothesis: Heavier women carry a cultural connotation of pleasure, and men who are stressed perceive them as potential partners to help relieve such stresses (e.g., through sex, cuddling, dinners, sex, etc.).

Personally, though, I think that most such studies are pleasant, but ultimately trivial academic side trips. If I’m going to pass time idly, I prefer to actually look, or even interact with such objects of attraction, especially after a stressful day in the quarry pits. For example:

For example, I’ve been staring at this picture for five minutes now, and I certainly feel much less stress about things.

What’s that? You’re still stressed? Okay, let’s see what we can do.

What, seriously?

Okay, one more. If this doesn’t adjust your attitude, then you need professional help:

And now I have to stop blogging, because these last few pictures have rendered me pretty much incapable of doing anything constructive for the next hour or two.

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9 Responses to Stressed men like big women

  1. Erik says:

    Mmmm, yes. MUCH less stressed now. Thank you!

  2. atone44 says:

    When I am stressed I like to be whipped. Severely. Preferably by a curvier woman (my wife). Does it have anything to say about that? Maybe some tumblr surfing for some appropriate pics are is in order.

  3. Peroxide says:

    This makes me think that I am significantly more stressed than my house mates. Cause I appreciate a curvy figure, and they are quick to dismiss a woman as too big.

    • Tom Allen says:

      I’ve noticed that quite often, younger guys seem to have some pretty particular standards – which is ironic, since most of those guys themselves are, shall we say, aesthetically and socially challenged themselves.

      Kind of makes you wonder what guys like that are thinking.

  4. loneyheart says:

    ahh the realities of life. curvy women are softer and more fun to cuddle. And lick and snuggle and……… oh hell everything. And i know because i am one of those curvy girls.

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