TSA: “Chastity devices not banned”

No, seriously. They even said so.

From The Blaze:

TSA has collected a number of nefarious items on the bodies of passengers or in their checked baggage and has been detailing them in its blog.

Other strange items: bear mace, walker with mounted knife, chainsaw, grenade launcher and a chastity belt (to be clear, TSA notes the chastity belt was just detected, not confiscated, as they are not banned).

Because this question comes up in chastity-related groups all the time, I thought it appropriate to pass along the official information.

So, hear that, chastity kinksters?  Not banned.

For now, anyway.

From the TSA blog:

And while it isn’t prohibited, a passenger wearing a chastity belt alarmed the body scanner at one of our checkpoints. I’m sure you can imagine where an undergarment such as this might be a problem at a security checkpoint. Especially if there is no key.

Personally, I’m not a frequent flier, and I have had mixed experiences with the travel security over the last 10 years. And while I did – once – travel in a CB3000, I certainly wouldn’t do it again.

But it’s nice to know that if the TSA is feeling up your junk and they run into something hard, they won’t automatically assume that you’re happy to see them.

Anyway, I’ve been working my ass off all week, and haven’t made it out for any decent bike riding. And today it’s raining, so I have to stay in and do those stupid household chores that you put aside for rainy days. But I rode a bit last week, and my weight is down to where it was 20+ years ago, so life could be worse.

That said, here’s a picture of something else that probably wouldn’t get through the airport scanners.

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4 Responses to TSA: “Chastity devices not banned”

  1. Jz says:

    Interesting… I actually have wondered about this. Heck, I’ve even wondered how many piercings you can have before you set off the alarms…

    (and, ps – she wouldn’t make it through the scanners only because they’d be queued up to give her body searches… but I hope you found the moment de-stressing. ;-p )


  2. B&M says:

    Not sure if anyone read the comments, but one informed poster noted that the CB-X series was nominated for an AVN ‘O’ Award this year.



    • Tom Allen says:

      LOL! That commenter seemed like one of those forum wankers.

      “Wow, that chastity belt was hot!” Did they even say what it was?


      • B&M says:

        LOL. No – there was no real commentary around it. They didn’t even say whether it was metal.

        I always read the comments on things like that – that’s where a lot of the best material is.


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