Lingerie, nipples, and the softer side of Sears

Because I’m a guy, I still shop at Sears. The Craftsman Tool line is still pretty good, they have snowblower and lawnmower parts, and they often have good deals on appliances. But apparently some people still shop for clothes there, including (ahem) intimate apparel.  Sears even has a section of their online catalog devoted to — specifically devoted to — sexy, flirty, adult evening wear. No, they aren’t going to compete with, for example, The Stockroom or Adam & Eve, but it’s pretty interesting that they acknowledge that some grown-ups want to have a little play time.

Naturally some people have a problem with this. More correctly, some people have a problem that the Sears online catalog recently had a picture of a woman modeling some of that aforementioned lingerie, in which one, by peering and squinting closely at the screen, could clearly see some nipple. You know, on a breast. Covered with purple, lacey material. Because it’s lingerie.

The internet is a great way to make this kind of information spread very quickly, and Sears soon had a number of complaints. They removed the offensive picture, but not before other people captured the image to pass it around.

Now, this was not a wardrobe malfunction, nor was it something seen in a widely viewed, general-audience venue. It was on a woman modeling “exotic” lingerie in a portion of the online catalog (which required a number of clicks to find) that was meant for adult viewing.

The various discussion areas where people were nattering about this showed a range of attitudes. While many people didn’t particularly care (presumably people who don’t shop for “exotic” wear at Sears), I was surprised at the number of people who suggested that such images should have been more carefully vetted by the designers, web site artists, etc. Even more surprising was the implication that a) people browsing from work could have gotten into trouble for a NSFW picture, and b) that impressionable youngsters might see it.

I don’t know what to say about people shopping for lingerie from work. I mean, we’ve had internet and computers for a generation now, and if some people haven’t figured out that online shopping for anything during work hours is frowned upon, then there’s not much more you can do to get that message across.

But the idea that a teen boy might be hesitantly poking around the Sears lingerie ads to see porn is downright laughable. Okay, sure, back in the old days (pre-internet) we actually did look through the Sears (and Montgomery Ward, etc.) catalogs for pictures of women in their underthings. But any 13 year old who is trying to get a thrill at Sears instead of looking at the, oh, thousands of different web sites out there should probably be left alone — if not put into a museum as an example of adolescent innocence.

And because I don’t want my readers squinting and staring too closely at their screens to find a nipple, here’s a couple that are a little more obvious, and just as enjoyable to look at.

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13 Responses to Lingerie, nipples, and the softer side of Sears

  1. I’m sure that masturbating to ladies in lingerie in the Sears or Eaton’s (in Canada – no longer around) catalogues years and years ago helped me become the perv that I am today.


  2. Mykey says:

    You live in a strange country old chap. That’s all I can say!


  3. Hedone says:

    The first model has awesome legs. Can I order her!?



  4. deviantlyromantic says:

    I’ve noticed this throughout the internet. Even on the Frederick’s of Hollywood website, there’s no nipple shown, so when I’m lingerie/bra shipping, I constantly ask myself, “WHAT HAPPENED TO HER NIPPLES?!”
    The obvious answer is that those aren’t models at all. They’re a humanoid race bred specifically without pesky “real woman” attributes like nipples, stray hairs, cellulite, and moles. Apparently Sears just hasn’t caught onto that, or their merge with Kmart left them unable to afford the new model of models and Bob from advertising forgot to inform Larry from graphic design to edit out that glimpse of Cindy’s northern no-no spot.


  5. DD says:

    oh ffs…
    What on earth is wrong with these people?


  6. Tomio Black says:

    If they would make true 3D screens, I wouldn’t have to squint to see her nipples….they’d poke me in the eye (as they should!)


  7. megan says:

    Lol, that is so true-boys will be looking at much worse stuff than a little nipple if they are online…so ridiculous.


  8. Sweets says:

    This blows my mind. Everyone has them. My cat has eight.


  9. Hedone says:

    @Sweets: buwhahaha

    Best answer


  10. desireous says:

    Cheers to nipples!


  11. loneyheart says:

    loved the posting. Loved the last model even more. The curves of a real woman and nicely showing all of the best pieces dressed in a pretty black bra and panties.


  12. someonechris says:

    wow Tom She is Dreamy!!! i love that look in her eyes, i’ve been a bad boy i should go to her room!!


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