Yeah, I haven’t been writing much, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been internetting. Some of you know that I’ve been active on Reddit, have been commenting on various other blogs, and of course, have been pretty busy over on Chastity Forums, which has been growing into a nice little community. Oh, and Tumblr, of course. It’s funny; ten years ago, the internet was all about groups and Friendster or MySpace. Five years ago blogging was the new way to share ideas.  Now our attention spans are so short that we’re just sharing pictures and paragraphs.

No matter; during my little blogging vacation I’ve run across all sorts of interesting things, including what has become one of my new favorite comics. While Oglaf appears to be a long-running serial, many of the panels are single-joke comics. The one featured here actually had me laughing out loud.

I was going to use this comic to preface a little essay on submission, but it’s so succinct that anything I write is just going to be superfluous, and probably not nearly as funny. So let’s just enjoy it.

Even though my Tumblr has been getting a lot of love lately, it’s nice to see new people drop in, so here’s a sample of what I’ve been looking at, instead of writing.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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7 Responses to Lazmission

  1. Peroxide says:

    I think there is actually a lot to be said beyond what the comic says. Perhaps not about the nature or frequency of s-types being lazy and demanding, but of how people identifying as submissive can avoid that particular pitfall.

    Perhaps all that what many of that type of person needs is a quick illustration of what being a thoughtful, considerate (and therefore more attractive) submissive would look like. Of course you’re right, it probably wouldn’t be as funny.


    • Tom Allen says:

      Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of what I run across quite often in my web trawls. I mean, BDSM resources have been on the web for more than 10 years, but I still see people approaching it the same way; namely, “I want my partner to __ me, how do I get her to enjoy it?”

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      • Peroxide says:

        All the more reason to put down the simple obvious solution; that being a good submissive means being a good partner first.

        I think that while most people need to be smacked upside the head the obvious, after that has happened they should be able to stop asking the same stupid question, and perhaps even answer the next person to show up with the same stupid question themselves.


  2. Love the comic! (And as someone who can be lazy and demanding at the best of times, this is how I know I could never be truly submissive! ;-))


  3. Hedone says:

    Love thecstrip you posted. Will go check out others.



  4. Aarkey says:

    1) That comic is hilarious
    2) Nothing quite like a “do-me” sub
    3) What you say about the internet turning into pictures and paragraphs is very true – though I still can’t get into Twitter, and I still prefer to read blog entries that are in the 500-1000 word range. But maybe that’s just me.


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