Another year at the Edge

Well, it’s another year come and gone here at Edge of Vanilla Laboratories, and like most other bloggers I’m looking at my stats to see how much love I’ve gotten to see what kind of traffic has come through here.

As in the previous few years, about a quarter-million of viewers stopped by, the overwhelming majority of you were directed here as a result of web searches for some variation of male chastity and/or orgasm denial. Not surprisingly, typical search terms leading here were: male chastity, chastity devices, orgasm denial, chastity blog, chastity captions, (various named) chastity devices, orgasm control, femdom chastity, flr chastity, long-term denial,  male chastity marriage, husband in chastity, femdom wife, real-life chastity, chastity stories, orgasm denial stories, chastity lifestyle, enforced chastity, ruined orgasm, and similar variations on these.

There were also a good number of slightly over-lapping BDSM & fetish themed searches, mainly: vanilla femdom, femdom marriage, femdom strapon, femdom pegging, tight leather, latex dominatrix, fetish leather, fetish lingerie, fetish fashion, and femdom vanilla wife. Note that Mrs. Edge does not self-identify as dominant, nor do I claim to be in any kind of a FLR or femdom marriage.

More interesting to see, however, are the non-chastity/denial searches that have led readers here. Among the top search terms were variations of: mature women, curvy women, senior sex, frenum piercings, naughty limericks, fitness porn, and Rule 34. I’m probably not the oldest (age-wise) blogger around, but I do try to feature news items on people having sex above the 35 to 40 year old age limit that the media would have you believe is the top end of “sexually active.”

Fitness porn searches are obviously a reflection of the turn that this blog has taken in the last couple of years, as I’ve become more fitness and health oriented. I’ve taken some flack for this, but as those “mature” people know, maintenance grows more important when you have more miles on the equipment.

Admittedly, the staff here at EoV Labs have been distracted with various work, family, and health issues, all of which tend to draw the focus away from sexuality, as much as we try otherwise. For example, this time last year saw me in physical therapy for a shoulder injury, for which I had to give up weight lifting — which is just as well because by the end of the summer I had to go in for hernia surgery. Sometimes I suspect that I’m damaging myself with all this healthy exercise. Accordingly, I haven’t posted many HNTs as I have in previous years, but I’ll try to make up for it, especially since I’m actually in better shape than I was a few years ago.

Most of my blog referrals have come from the several major search engines, but not far behind has been Keyheld, the “Chastity Blog” aggregate that we started a few years ago. Right now, there are about 2 dozen blogs represented, and that number changes as we add and subtract blogs based on their activity level. Sad to say, many people get off to a great start, and then fall off the radar after a few months, a statistic which hasn’t changed much in the last decade. Femdom Resource has now claimed a top spot for referrers, and I urge people to check out Paltego’s daily picture and commentary. Chastity Forums is also near the top of this list, and I’m pleased to say that it has developed into a fantastic little community for people who are interested in the more vanilla aspects of introducing “enforced” chastity as a way to enhance their relationship.

Ironically, Keyheld, in addition to being my biggest referrer, is also my biggest out-click, and the revolving door is rounded out by the number of out-clicks to The Edgier Vanilla, and Chastity Forums.

One major change has been in the top named “celebrity” search that has brought people here. For the last four or five years, Marina Sirtis has been the single top name search that has brought people to this blog, and not without reason; the lovely, 57 year old Ms. Sirtis — or at least, pictures of her — have been featured a number of times over the years, and those articles also coincide with “curvy” and “mature.”

This past year, however, searches for Marina Sirtis have been eclipsed by searches for the younger, and admittedly much curvier plus-sized model London Andrews. This has come as a bit of a surprise to me; two years ago (back when I started  The Edgier Vanilla tumblr blog) I had never heard of her. Now, a significant number of my Tumblr reblogs feature London, and I’ve discovered about a half-dozen blogs dedicated to her. The really interesting thing is that she doesn’t seem to do kink or fetish modeling (like Bianca Beauchamp, one of my other favorites), but seems to specialize in erotic pictorials that show off her voluptuous curves in a sensual manner.

I expect that 2013 will see much of the same as this past year, although I’m hoping that our various work, family, and health issues will be lighter this year, which will allow us to be a little more frisky experiment a little more at the laboratory.

And for those of you who haven’t made it over to The Edgier Vanilla lately, here are a few pictures to help visually explain why London Andrews has become such a hot item.



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3 Responses to Another year at the Edge

  1. Jz says:

    Do you write limericks?

    A Very Happy New Year to you!


  2. Tom Allen says:

    Well, here’s a good example: First day of the year, and here are the top search terms. Table formatting didn’t come out well.

    chastity femdom stories *==* mistress chastity
    chastity captions *==* male chastity resources
    cb 6000 chastity *==* wife put me in a penis cage
    orgasm control *==* wordpress vanilla erotica
    edge of vanilla *==* bbw male chastity and denial
    orgasm denial edge 50 times *==* orgasm denial female
    male sexual denial pictures *==* chastity edged
    corset chasity stories mature *==* femdom captions 2013
    femdom stories chastity *==* male chastity marriage
    dildo harness for men in chastity *==* the edege of vanilla
    male chastity comments *==* male chastity vacation
    bdsm vanilla erotik org *==* intro to chastity tumblr
    chastity captions female *==* cb 6000 torture
    edge of vanilla wordpress *==* orgasm denial stories
    cock cover for the cb6000 *==* cb6000 modifications
    mainstream male chastity *==* cb 3000 blogs
    cb6000 tease while wearing *==* femdom marriage
    putting on the cb6000 pictures *==* cb 6000 spanking
    male chastity contract *==* jilly king
    mistress chastity *==* my live in male sub strapon chastity
    female chastity stor* *==* vanilla female domination
    how to break out of a cb-6000 *==* femdom marriage male chastity tumblr
    male chastity and denial *==* tom allen chastity
    male chastity captions *==* what chasity devises can be pop riveted on
    chastity orgasm *==* lockedcock
    femdom blog *==* londonandrews
    chastity gym *==* cb6000 intrigue
    cb6000 отзывы *==* vanilla domanatrix clothing
    mature femdom wife reality stories *==*


  3. paltego says:

    Woot! I’m #1. Go me! 🙂

    Always happy to send people in your direction Tom.



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