Chastity in the news

Only this morning I was telling somebody that I have news searches to keep me apprised of chastity-related items, and that I was surprised that we’ve managed to go so long since the last “Guy goes to ER to have chastity device removed” news report.

Apparently I missed the Spanish news, and the report that a German tourist needed to go to the ER to have, well:

[…] described  as a type of “armour plating”, into which the man had placed his penis and testicles.

The firemen on hand needed two changes of battery and a second rotating blade for their buzz saw to free the man, local daily Diario de Mallorca reported on Friday.

There were “plenty of sparks” during the operation to remove the sex toy which measured 15cm in diameter.

The two-hour procedure was described as “very complex” because the man became “more swollen” with time.

He was also said to have complained a lot.

To finish the operation it was necessary to administer a total anaesthetic.

The article does not specifically state that it was a chastity device, and my very rusty Spanish wasn’t good enough to translate the colloquialisms of the Spanish versions of the story. But really, there probably aren’t many other things it could have been; Ibiza is a tourist spot, and you know that all sorts of kinky things are probably happening.

Head over to The Local to read the rest of story.

I wonder how many guys would be complaining if this woman was their keyholder?Ah, the glory that was Tickleberry.

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4 Responses to Chastity in the news

  1. LOL. That’s not my kind of thing, but that’s some really funny shit. To each its own. LOL


  2. The original of the article, in El Diario de Mallorca, can be found here: (I lived in Spain for three years, so I can read the paper.)
    It says the device was fifteen centimeters in diameter, and it took the fire department two hours to cut the device off. (Fifteen centimeters, that is six inches, seems quite a large diameter for a chastity device – the article only states it was a sex toy. MIght be some kinky S&M stuff instead of plain vanilla chastity. . . .)

    The article goes on to state he stayed overnight in the Urology department of the hospital but his bits were fine. He is fifty-one years old (and apparently will survive with his bits intact to be fifty-two). The article does not mention any other person involved here.


    • Tom Allen says:

      I’m reading this:

      Los bomberos tuvieron que cambiar dos veces el disco de la radial, que tiene unos quince centímetros de diámetro, y utilizaron dos baterías.

      as the grinding discs that they used were 15 cm. The device, which they describe as “armor” sounds like some kind of metal sheath.


  3. Eric M says:

    If she were the key holder I am sure very few would complain, but if firemen were required to unlock me, I am sure even I would complain.


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