Blogger & deleting sex blogs (PSA) | Domme Chronicles

Blogger & deleting sex blogs (PSA) | Domme Chronicles.


In the last few days, friends on Twitter have been reporting that is also deleting sex blogs. Not for affiliate links or ads, but for violating their Terms of Service which prohibits ‘pornographic content’ (as it has since 2009). There is no definition of what ‘pornographic content’ is, so all sex blogs are under threat. users are not getting any warning at all. No email, no notification, nothing. One day the blog is there. The next day it’s gone.

5 thoughts on “Blogger & deleting sex blogs (PSA) | Domme Chronicles

  1. You’d asked me why we are using LiveJournal. This is one reason. LiveJournal does not have such censorship.
    “Pornography” is defined as “stuff someone doesn’t like.” Thus, pro-ana sites get called “pornography,” sites that promote male chastity get tagged as pornography, &c.
    It is a function of certain moralists imposing their idea of morality on everyone else.

  2. Might be worth considering a migration off of to a self-hosting arrangement with WordPress or another blogging application. It’s not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do, but it cuts off one route to censorship.

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