Not just a river in Egypt

So, we were fooling around in bed one morning, and the realization hit me.

“Do you realize that you haven’t allowed me to come since vacation?”

Mrs. Edge perked up. “Really?”

“I’m positive. I had two or three orgasms between last December and July because you’ve been fascinated with ruining them, and then there was that one time on vacation when you had to tell me to be quiet, and… that’s it.”

Vacation had been at the end of July. It was now around Thanksgiving (late November, for you non-US readers).

“How are you doing so far?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” I told her. “It’s been pretty good so far.”

“Hmm. Well, maybe we should just make you wait until vacation again,” she replied.

8 more months. I moaned a little.

“What was the longest we’ve ever gone?” she asked.

“Umm, 8-1/2 months back when we started. Then the next time was about 5 months.” It wasn’t even worth mentioning all the one or two month stretches; after 10 years, we don’t even think about it until they hit the three month mark. Or as Mrs. Edge likes to say at times “You mean the first three months.”

“Well, there’s no reason we can’t break our old record, right?” She was squirming, then she rolled on top of me and we started making out. “How are you going to last a whole year?” she asked breathily. I knew she was serious because she was suddenly very aroused, which made me very aroused. And the next thing you know, it’s July again, and we’re counting down.

I haven’t written much about this because this time around it’s a little different. This past year, I’ve hardly spent any time wearing a chastity device; the denial has been mainly 10 months of willpower, and two months of recovering from some surgery. In fact, the hernia surgery I had last summer made wearing any trapped-ball device extremely uncomfortable for months afterward. By the time we’d figured out how long it had been since my last orgasm, Mrs. Edge decided that she wanted me to leave the device off, so as to make sure I didn’t damage anything else. And when I was able to wear it, it was only for a week or two at a time; for some reason she kept insisting upon having sex.

Women. Sheesh.

Anyway, now that the end is in sight, I’ve had some time to reflect on the past year. I know that I’ve  called bullshit on  had discussions with people who self-righteously insist that “deviceless chastity” is more pure, or that using a device is inherently better. The fact is that one method is not better (or worse) than the other; some people just kink on the device (no different from kinking on bondage, for example), while other people kink on the D/s aspects. As it happens, Mrs. Edge would contend that she did not want to have to depend upon my willpower; that part of the excitement is that what I wanted was completely removed from the picture once she clicked that lock shut. So there has been some irony in that my longest stint of denial has been sans device.

Now, I’m not going to say that I haven’t enjoyed this past year. I love spooning Mrs. Edge in bed, and it’s been wonderful to feel her curvy ass directly on me, instead of pressing against the cage. And Mrs. Edge herself certainly spent more time teasing and stroking me. In the past, she was often reluctant to unlock me for a quickie, as it meant that she had to fish around for the key (which she often misplaced), then unlock me, have me wash up, etc., which rather spoiled the spontaneity of the situation. This year she was free to tease for a quick minute (or a much longer time) whenever she felt like. And being deviceless meant the occasional ruined orgasm, a pastime to which  Mrs. Edge has taken quite well.

That said, it was definitely a different feeling for me. I felt less controlled (which is what I kink on). Over this past year, I’ve discovered that I actually missed wearing a device. Since I’m one of those that also kinks on control aspects of a device, I found that — for me — the device added a layer of control that I found generally arousing; a layer that was often missing (for me) this past year. Not that I didn’t enjoy what we did, but I think that it would have been more enjoyable (again, for me) having been compelled to wear a device. Or, maybe enjoyable isn’t the word I’m looking for; since I did enjoy it. I guess it just didn’t feel as kinky as it has been in the past.

Anyway, while Mrs. Edge hasn’t promised to end this on the anniversary date, she has given quite a few hints that it certainly wouldn’t be much longer. And afterward? We’ve decided to take another break, and to just screw like rabbits for a while, at least until I can get things out of my system. We haven’t quite agreed if during that time she would still control my orgasms (in the past I’ve been required to ask permission, although I often didn’t bother since I knew what the answer would be), or if I’d be given carte blanche for a little while.

And after that, we will probably go on to explore something different. We’ve been involved with chastity and denial play for over a dozen years now, and while there’s not a real difference between nine months and twelve months, there’s something about crossing that “a whole fucking year!” mark that leaves you without a whole lot of territory to explore. Not that chastity, denial, or orgasm control won’t be a part of what we do, it just won’t take the central role the way that it has in the past.

So, if  you’ll excuse me, I need to start packing for vacation.

And speaking of orgasm denial, here’s a captioned picture that sums up why Mrs. Edge still prefers to let me out once in a while.

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2 Responses to Not just a river in Egypt

  1. Jz says:

    Interesting. My first thought was, “Oh, I’d think she’d get more of a kick out of device-less chastity – there’s more of a control thrill” but then I got thinking about it…
    Actually, both ways could be pretty darned hot!
    As BG says, “I tie you up because I like to!”

    Enjoy your vacation!


  2. tallestrina says:

    Yep, its complicated- I’m locked at night but have to be free for work – too many nosy gossips – so I’m at a halfway house. I agree, the device is nice.. Happy to lock all day at the weekend, even though the weekday experience shows its not necessary (but its only been a week).. Good luck, Tom.


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