An orgasm a day keeps the senior moments at bay

Okay, this is from the Mail Online (UK), which gives it the credibility score of 2/10, but the topic was interesting:

Forget crosswords – having an ORGASM is more effective at giving the brain a workout, claims leading scientist | Mail Online.*

I can certainly attest that frequent orgasms put (and keep) Mrs. Edge in a pleasant mood, but the plural of anecdote is not “data” and there’s no way that I could claim that her memory is any better.

But the research is certainly interesting, and I wonder if the critical point is the orgasm itself, or the constant arousal? Unfortunately, I doubt that many people (except for regular readers of this blog) would volunteer for such an experiment.

* And as usual, the reader comments at the end are more entertaining than the article itself.

And speaking of experiments…

I’ve been falling for this one every month for over a year now.

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3 Responses to An orgasm a day keeps the senior moments at bay

  1. Ms Mahler says:

    You know, I’d actually consider this somewhat reasonable sounding, if only because I know how little doing crosswords actually does to keep the brain sharp as we age. Regular exercise (and sex can be awesome exercise) has a lot more to do with holding off senior moments than doing crossword puzzles.

    Unfortunately, saying that ‘crosswords are so bad at this that I’d believe almost anything would be better,’ isn’t exactly a vote of confidence in orgasms.


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