Orgasmic meditation

Well, let the other venues have their Shark Week. Over here at The Edge of Vanilla, we have “Orgasm Week.”

Well, not for me; but apparently there is a woman who is on track to boost her IQ by a few dozen points by giving herself orgasms through meditation.

Again, it’s a Mail Online (UK) article, so take it for what it’s worth:

Orgasmic meditation: Actress Karen Lorre claims to have 11 orgasms a day

Yes, this certainly looks like a woman who has been having a lot of orgasms. Hell, it looks like she might be in the middle of one right now.

Ms Lorre, 51, from Long Beach California, is a former Playmate and describes herself as a model, ‘fun coach and love goddess,’ as well as an actress, who has appeared in numerous TV programmes including Cheers and the X-Files.

She told Medical Daily: ‘I was already in a place of bliss – I had been doing sit down meditation for 20 years but [OMing] opened up my ability to sense more and more subtle things and my appreciation for men.’

I’m going to have to ask Mrs. Edge if I can take one of these classes.

And while I’m thinking of it…

I’m pretty sure that if I meditated on London Andrews long enough, I’d certainly get a lot of pleasure from it. Just saying.

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1 Response to Orgasmic meditation

  1. James says:

    I haven’t noticed Mensa promoting this methodology of boosting intellect. . . .


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