The weird world of ‘male chastity’ not overly weird after all

The weird world of ‘male chastity’ – Jeremy Wilson – The Kernel.

Well, the only thing that’s horribly wrong with this article is that they didn’t mention me or my blog, but this is one of the first mainstream-ish articles that doesn’t approach male chastity & orgasm denial as “OMG, what kind of freak are you?”  Instead, it’s pretty well written, and the author has obviously spent some time reading through several blogs, (including Thumper’s, which he references); and Jeremy Wilson obviously spent a bit of time reading The Chastity Forums, where he seems to have gotten a good feel for how regular, non-BDSM couples play with this.

He even mentions the CBxxxx line, and the Mature Metal devices, and has some quotes that he cribbed from various forum users about how the experience affects them and their partners. He briefly covers the idea of ruined orgasms, and how the infrequency of orgasms often translate to more focus on the partners. Interestingly, he noted that the “partners” are more often “wives” and he seems to have caught on to the idea that this is often practiced my middle-aged marrieds.

While there isn’t much that the regular readers of this blog won’t already have known, it’s certainly nice to see this kink presented in a mature and responsible manner.

Since we’re on a chastity theme…

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5 Responses to The weird world of ‘male chastity’ not overly weird after all

  1. thumper says:

    “As a user of put it:”

    Um, I didn’t say that on the Chastity Forums. It’s funny, though. I read the quote and though, yeah, that’s it! Wait a sec. That sounds kind of familiar…


    • Tom Allen says:

      LOL – Well, there was probably quite a bit of material for him to sort out, so…

      But seriously, I was pleasantly surprised to see a non-kink outlet covering this in such a positive manner.

      And I just edited the post to include links to your blog and the Chastity Forums.


  2. tcs says:

    Keep Chastity Weird!


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  4. Aarkey says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the heads up. I’m a bit disappointed that he looks on it as “ritualized humiliation” – I don’t feel humiliated at all in chastity. Just another one of those perception things I guess.


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