Two roads to orgasm | Psychology Today

Two roads to orgasm | Psychology Today.

I ran across a short but interesting article that touches on what so many people get out of orgasm denial play. In the Psychology Today blog, therapist Steven Snyder writes:

One might say there’s a high road and a low road to orgasm.

The intensity of orgasm is more or less dependent on the intensity of arousal that precedes it. Great arousal leads to great orgasms.  High arousal — the high road — doesn’t have orgasm as a goal at all. Approached from the high road, orgasm is just an afterthought, like dessert at the end of a memorable meal.

I’ve said as much many times in the past, but it’s interesting to read this from the perspective of a more vanilla-ish context. This is much like the zen approach that you’re more likely to find something if you’re not actually seeking it.

It’s a short article, so feel free to hop over to give it a read.

Two roads to orgasm | Psychology Today.

And on a completely unrelated note:

Just starting off the new year with a smile.


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