Hours-long orgasm sent Seattle-area woman to emergency room

Hours-long orgasm sent Seattle-area woman to emergency room

The New York Daily News has this item, based on a TV show that I haven’t seen, but am going to start putting on the DVR list.

In a new clip from the TLC series ‘Sex Sent Me to the ER,’ a couple named Liz and Eric recount their embarrassing emergency room visit after Liz’s orgasm won’t quit.

I’ve been in a few situations where I thought I would end up in the ER from sex, but not from this.

The Seattle-area couple had been getting intimate before work, but as Eric got out of bed to start his day, Liz’s climax was still going strong.

Generally Mrs. Edge requests that I don’t start without her. She never said anything about ending.

One hour into the orgasm, “I started hopping up and down to see if that would do anything,” Liz recalls on the show.

I’ve found that thinking about my ex helped to calm things down if I was over-excited.

After two hours, the couple heads to the ER – where, Eric recalls, they attracted their share of stares and a few nosy comments.

I don’t even.

You can check out the article, which also has an embedded video segment. The segment is only 2 minutes, not 3 hours… unfortunately.

And while we’re thinking about three-hour orgasms…

Is she sleeping it off, or resting up before the next hunt?Must have been especially tiring.

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One Response to Hours-long orgasm sent Seattle-area woman to emergency room

  1. DD says:

    Hope it’s not anything in the water. That sounds exhausting.


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