The Black Domme

Let’s just jump in and hit a whole bunch of tropes at once.

Here’s a dominatrix. Not just any dominatrix, but an imperious looking, muscular black woman. In boots. Oh, and in some kind of leather halter thingie. It’s fetishy, but it doesn’t seem to be supporting anything (not to mention it looks to be a bit of a PITA to wear) — but that’s okay because it frames her boobs.

That’s one of the ways that you can tell she’s a Domme, by the way: wearing articles of clothing a) look impossible to put on, and b) don’t seem to do anything useful.

She’s so striking that you almost don’t even notice the hooded white guy in the background. His back and ass are marked with welts, presumably from that nasty looking implement over her shoulder. He’s not chained, but duct-taped to an aluminum ladder, which makes me wonder just how secure that could be. I mean, by the second good cut across his back, he’ll have pulled that ladder down and be rolling around on the ground.

Black Femdomme whips white slave

And if being a Female Dominant isn’t already sexually edgy, let’s add her being black to the culturally transgressive mix.

I love her muscled shoulders, though.

Tropes: Black Domme, boots, black leather, whip, ridiculous outfits, improbably secured, willing bondage of disbelief.

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The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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10 Responses to The Black Domme

  1. You know what always gets me in this kind of picture? The guy is naked except for his shoes. Who gets naked and then puts shoes back on?

    Then there’s the ladder thing. Maybe it is tied off at the top (with duct tape?) so it won’t fall over, but even a little bit of jerking on his part would overbalance it and it would fall to the side. Unless my aging eyes deceive me, there is a metal railing of some sort on the wall that could have made a much more secure tie-down (unless it is temporary scaffolding…).

    And the duct tape… First of all, his hands aren’t taped to anything. They are just stuck together and held over his head (against the ladder, but not secured to it – possibly because someone decided that was unsafe, even for a photo shoot). The single strap of duct tape at his waist looks like it MIGHT be secured to the ladder, but a single strap of duct tape is pretty damned weak. The only possible argument in favor of this is: The guy LIKES the way duct tape feels when it is ripped off, and prefers the illusion of helplessness over actual helplessness.

    As for her… What is that not-quite-a-bra thing? What would be any purpose of wearing it? The heels on the boots just make me want to sweep her off her feet because OWWWWWWWWW!

    • Tom Allen says:

      Who gets naked and then puts shoes back on?

      It’s my understanding that the porn shots are particularly low budget, so they were usually shot in open warehouses, which meant not much heat. Being naked except for socks/shoes was to keep one’s feet warm. Apparently, nothing kills a boner like freezing cold feet.

      Well, that and hearing my ex’s voice…

      • Yeah, I understand wanting warm feet. To me, however, it just totally destroys the whole image that they are going for. It’s the disclaimer in the drug ad: Results may vary, this may not represent a true experience.

  2. Adam says:

    This particular Domme is actually a professional dominatrix. I don’t see how an actual person can be a tiresome trope?

    • Tom Allen says:

      You may be unclear on the concept. A trope is a situation that appears frequently within a genre; in this case, there are a number of tropes (like a cliche) displayed in the picture. The guy is inadequately bound, but we are supposed to assume that he’s just had a good lashing. Ms. Kiana, attractive though she may be, is poised in boots with completely inadequate heels for dealing with a slave who would at any moment be loosely taped to a falling ladder. And what the hell is that halter supposed to be doing? Those are all parts of Domme cliche situations.

      Does that help?

  3. The same way a person can embody a stereotype. I would argue that pros are more likely to display tiresome tropes because they have to conform to what their market demands – which is built largely on porn that displays those tropes.

  4. Diane Jones says:

    Is it images like these that cause the often heard, disparaging of kink comment, “Whips and chains.” And look! The whip (well, a crop) and chain trope is here. When I approached my ex about moving at least a little out of plain vanilla I got the whips and chains comment and was character assassinated as a “pervert.” Once that happened, there was no undoing it. I was a pervert and unacceptable as a wife.

    • Tom Allen says:

      As Tomio mentions, the porn industry drives a lot of what we tend to see presented in the media. Of course, I’m not sure who’s driving the porn industry – is it the consumer, or do the consumers simply buy/view because that’s what they are used to seeing?

  5. Richard Bonder says:


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