Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome

Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome – health – 01 April 2011 – New Scientist.


Well, here’s another article on the benefits of masturbation. It’s old – 2011 – but I just ran across it today while looking for something else.

Personally, I don’t have RLS, but once in a while I do get jumpy legs at night, which drives Mrs. Edge crazy. I found that exercising in the evening helps, although hard exercise too late sometimes seems to trigger it.

The above mentioned report (go read it, it’s just a few paragraphs) talks briefly about the dopamine rush from ejaculation, but I wonder if there’s a similar benefit to simply being sexually aroused with no release?


For some people, though, the benefits of masturbation do not outweigh the benefits of, well, not being allowed to do so.

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1 Response to Masturbation calms restless leg syndrome

  1. Lady M says:

    Bahaha cagedmonkey certainly isn’t going to get to test that out, but I might! I get restless leg about the same time every night! We’ll just have to see about that! 🙂


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