Reluctantly Cuckoo

I don’t particularly care for the cuckold and humiliation kink, and I usually avoid discussing those aspects in the context of chastity and OD. I mean, if that’s your kink, fine — I just really do not like the idea of humiliation.

Stabbity, however, has an interesting perspective, one that I don’t recall seeing around the handful of web boards that I frequent.  If it’s not your kink, either, or if you’d like to join the discussion, then it’s worth the reading time.

Cuckolding » Not Just Bitchy.

And if the idea of “be careful what you wish for” is appealing to you…

Cuckolding » Not Just Bitchy

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4 Responses to Reluctantly Cuckoo

  1. Lady M says:

    I really need to write a new post on my new take, or version if you will, of cuckolding. I find that it doesn’t have to be a wife cuckolding a hubby or whatever but rather isn’t it forcing someone you dominate to watch, listen, etc to you having sex with someone else? Being forced to see them satisfy a woman when it’s really all they want to be doing? Who says a couple can’t cuckold a single submissive guy?

    Anyway, just thoughts 🙂


    • Butch says:

      I don’t think it’s the same thing. That scenario or scene is more about voyeurism and exhibitionism, not cuckolding or outright D or s, unless the single person is in a submissive relationship with the dominant wife. And I don’t buy the “that’s all he wants to do” (is do her) while he watches. I’d be totally happy in that scene, but I don’t want to do the woman. I want to please the woman, help drive her crazy with desire and pleasure and kink, if she likes it. And if it enhances her enjoyment and orgasms to be watched, hell, sign me up! If it drives her nuts to have me go down on her while she rides him reverse cowboy, sign me up. If it pleases her to deny me release during or after, or until next Friday, all the better. If it pleases her to have me not release myself in that time, that’s fine too. It doesn’t make me a slave. It makes me a devotee that tends to her excitement and pleasure, with a fervor and unselfishness that the situation calls for. I’m totally fine giving her a fully body massage with a happy beginning, middle and end, without any reciprocation at all. I need to please. I like being a craftsman at providing sexual pleasure and mental happiness. Thinknof it as a gigolo, without the pay, and she’s the pimp with the control. .That feeling is much stronger than my need to be pleased. Especially when I derive so much pleasure from her satisfaction. I don’t think she’s a princess or a Goddess, and I don’t pretend it. But I know she likes being treated that way, and if it brings her joy, then “Princess Goddess” it is. And that’s inside the bed and out. Anything else would ‘t truly be devotion or unselfishness. I think unselfishness is a key underlying principle of this fetish for men. I could be wrong, though. Devotion, integrity, love, romance, chivalry, appreciation of beauty, reward, all those fit intonit somewhere. Think about this. If my neighbor had a Jaguar XJ-12, I’m pretty sure I’d wash and wax it for him for free. The lines, the curves, the power, the color, the shine, the classic beauty, the respect it deserves just from its design and history. She’s the one I would be serving and putting on a pedestal, not the owner. Now if the owner were a female, and I could wash and wax her too, bathe in a bubble bath, wash every inch (with or without sexual overtones, per her wish and hers alone), dry, dead, and serve breakfast to as well, OMG, sign me up.


  2. I liked this post and agree with it. I’m a submissive and Actually really good in bed. I’m above average size of over 7 inches and I like the cuckold fantasy. And I like it just how the article describes. He doesn’t have to be black and she doesn’t have to be submissive. Just the fact that she can have sex and I’m not at the moment is the hot part. Fantasies can be twisted any way you want. Cuckolding kink does not have a specific definition but more of a bland one. A wife that has sex with others and a husband who knows about it. You take it from there.


  3. junior says:

    Actually, Stabbity is the one who has it right. It is the porn industry influenced by the race play crowd that hijacked the genre and made it into the uncomfortable idea that it has become today. Cuckolding may not be for everyone, but it surely doesn’t have to be the extreme crap that is peddled to the masses.


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