CB-X Addresses Counterfeit Devices

CB-X Male Chastity Addresses Counterfeiting – XBIZ Newswire.


You know I’ve mentioned this here and on several forums, but now here’s something right from the manufacturer:

To discern the differences, CB-X purchased and performed quality control tests of the counterfeit devices, pairing them against its own authentic devices. During the initial tests, the working pressure was kept to 150 PSI, which represents the typical pressure developed by the penis of a latched man during an attempted erection.

CB-X reports that during the testing many of the counterfeit devices split apart — trapping and damaging the rubber test tube that was used inside the cage.

“Had a man been wearing one of these counterfeit devices he could have received potentially severe injury to his penis caused by the sharp edges of the failed device,” Yates said. “We’re proud to say that even with further testing, 100 percent of our authentically manufactured devices not only survived quality control, they didn’t exhibit any abnormal signs of stress.”


As someone who has split every single CB-X device he has owned, I can’t even imagine what the damage would be like with the thinner plastic devices.

Personally, I really hate the idea that a foreign company can take the same design and simply copy it and re-sell it, in some cases even copying the original package design. I’ve seen a number of posts from guys who have used the cheap copies (usually picked up on ebay) and have been surprised to have something break almost immediately.  Later, they are then surprised to discover that they bought a counterfeit device.

I’m sure that there’s a lesson here for us, someplace.



Since we’re on the subject of chastity devices…

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4 Responses to CB-X Addresses Counterfeit Devices

  1. Michael says:

    I’ve always said that plastic is for toys. I split a cb 6000s awhile back. Right down the seam where they are joined. Not good. Not even sure the real ones like the branded models hold up and I’m not a large guy. If you want long term use without failure then stainless steel is the deal.


  2. Peter T says:

    Is counterfeiting an issue with stainless steel devices, too? Is there one design that many other copy?


    • Tom Allen says:

      There really are no mass-produced stainless devices. The Chinese copies of the ones currently on the market are just vaguely similar to the several that are being hand-made. I have seen a few knock-offs of the full belt style, but I have not paid close attention to them.


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