I know that chastity and OD enthusiasts love to fantasize about severely limited orgasms, like perhaps once a year. Permanent chastity fantasies are also pretty common, usually figuring a cruel mistress who locks on a device and solders the keyhole shut.

But here’s a real-life situation in which a man actually does have a lifetime limit on his orgasms:

This Guy Was Told By Doctors That He Only Has 100 Orgasms Left Before His Penis Stops Working

This is definitely a non-consensual form of denial. From the article:

They call it ideopathic fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa. Catchy, right? Basically, there’s a reservoir in your penis that fills with blood when you have an erection. In my case, every time I get hard, it causes an autoimmune reaction, which causes a scar tissue build-up in the reservoir. Ultimately, the scar tissue will make it impossible to ever get a boner again. I’m the first case anyone’s ever seen, and no one can tell me why it’s happening. I don’t wear briefs or hang out in saunas. There’s been no blunt force trauma to the balls. Some of the women from my past have suggested it’s karma, and I’m actually starting to believe it.

My first thought was “That poor SOB.” And then I wondered how many of the “permanent chastity” guys would actually, truly, want to have a limited number of orgasms — not as a result of some sexually charged fantasy, but as a result of some actual, non-reversible medical event.

Even those guys who are thinking about “controlled” as opposed to “permanent”, how would you handle your orgasms? Would you want to savor every single one? Would you be more selective about the when and how (and with whom)?

It’s a short article, so pop on over there for a quick read.

And to help settle your nerves, here’s a little bit of pleasurable non-consent:

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6 Responses to Countdown

  1. hmp says:

    I can’t imagine getting down to like two or three…


  2. Ferns says:

    That title is hella confusing. Direct quote:

    “…every time I get hard, it causes an autoimmune reaction, which causes a scar tissue build-up in the reservoir.”

    Then he goes on to talk about it like it’s about orgasms.

    If it’s not orgasms, but *erections*, it’s a very different thing.

    I imagine you could do something positive with 100 orgasms left, but with erections: nope.

    I’m picturing him waking up with morning wood and breaking down in tears because man, that’s a waste.



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