Your sex life will ‘rebound’ … in 50 years

So. we finally figured out what kills older people:

Researchers looking at 1,656 married adults ranging in age from 57 to 85 have found there is eventually an uptick in the frequency with which couples have sex.

From the Newser article:

Married Couples’ Sex Lives ‘Rebound’—After 50 Years

Well, I’m certainly glad to hear that. Mrs Edge and I are creeping up on the 25 year mark, and things are going pretty well at the moment.

The down side?

[…] the researchers did point out that the 50-year second wind was a slight one, and that relatively few couples make it to 50 years to begin with […]

We’ll be pushing 80 around then, so I’d better start taking vitamins now.

By the way, search terms like “Femdom Granny” don’t bring up the kinds of things you’d imagine.

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5 Responses to Your sex life will ‘rebound’ … in 50 years

  1. Lady M says:

    She seems to have a Lil’ Captain in her haha


  2. Jz says:

    Did it happen to mention the statistics for the unmarrieds?

    She With Reason to be Concerned


  3. vanillamom says:

    Oh, fun…TW and I haven’t had sex in a decade…but that’s in my vanilla life…I’ve certainly been more sexually active (even with myself…doesn’t that count?) since I turned 50…the last 6 years I’ve had more sex that I did in my first 49….

    Just to add to the general infographic…



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