The Fetpire Strikes Back!

The ramifications concerning Google’s decision to shut down or hide all of the adult blogs are still unknown, but already some bloggers in the kink community are taking matters into their own ha… er, have whipped up a… I mean, are being proactive about this.

Some bloggers are moving their content over to other platforms, notably WordPress (which has an importing tool), while others are moving their writing and pictures over to Tumblr. People should note, however, that just a couple of years ago, WordPress cracked down on some of the adult-content blogs — mainly the ones that had a lot of pictures. Hot, graphic pictures. And Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo, upon which they made the adult content almost impossible to search for.

Some people will probably keep their text up on Blogger, and simply move the graphical content over to Tumblr. Last year, I started backing up some of my own graphic content to an Imgur account, not that I have much. But it’s an alternative.

Some friends of mine have decided that they won’t be beaten into submi… umm, wanted to take a different route, and have picked up server space to create a community for people who would prefer to have their stuff privately hosted. Fetblogger, as it’s now called, offers a free (as of this writing) blogging space, (although donations for keeping the server space rented will be welcomed).

Anyway, they are still getting it up and running, but be sure to drop by Fetblogger as they start adding new content.

In the meantime, I’m sure that a lot of people would like to have a word with the Google…

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9 Responses to The Fetpire Strikes Back!

  1. Peroxide says:

    Ridiculous, isn’t it?
    I don’t even see who this is really appeasing. The people who hate that there is sex on the internet will just keep pushing, porn as a business with continue to thrive, and this only hurts independent bloggers who can’t afford their own hosting. Who is made happy by this change? how does it improve Google’s stock value to narrow their user base?



  2. James says:

    We might have to move the Plains Chastity blog over from LiveJournal, and send off a spankin’ big donation in support.


  3. Mrs Fever says:

    I will write up a how-to for importing and exporting on WP this weekend, and send you the link. Hopefully that will be helpful for those planning to enter/exit the platform.


  4. vanillamom says:

    I remember this happened…a year or so ago…? It’s like Blogger periodically takes a modesty pill or something…I don’t get it, in the country where of freedom of speech is so hotly defended. *sigh* I hate that the prudies are having this sort of impact…er…well, you know. Blogger is turning into an uptight, self-righteous, pain in the ass censor. That’s bad for anyone who blogs. What’s next? Banning people who like to create recipes from box mixes? Oh, the bastardization inherent there…

    I’ve been on WordPress since I started blogging and never regretted it. Course, I don’t have that much explicit by way of images but still…

    Not sure of a solution other than the random few hundred sex bloggers writing protest letters…graphically…(if you are going down, (ahem), might as well go with gusto?



  5. scott Kelly says:

    Hi Tom… I’ve mostly saved our old blog posts but could you tell me where I can find the import tool in WordPress. That would greatly simplify things. Thanks, scott


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