“Sex Sent Me to the ER” sent me over the edge

So, it was a cold February evening in New England, and Mrs. Edge and I were snuggled up watching the tube, after having spent the day running around doing errands and such.

I was browsing something online, and she was flipping through the channels, when the show “Sex Sent Me To The ER” came on. I noted that this episode was the one that was to feature a male chastity device, so I stopped her, because this show either (rarely) makes me laugh or (much more often) makes me gnash my teeth in frustration.

Sadly, this was not one of the more humorous episodes.

Look, here’s my beef with SSMTTER: I understand that “reality” TV shows like this have to jump you all over storyboard while they intersperse two or three stories. This is to keep your interest, and also to allow ten minutes of filming to take up 20 minutes of air time. No, what bothers me is that every episode that I’ve seen which involves kink, invariably the hospital staff is shown to act all weirded out, if not actually disgusted with whatever it happened to be. Handcuffs that need to be cut off? “Wow, that’s so weird; I’ve never seen anything like that.”


Episode 37 was an hour of my life that I’ll never get back as I watched a re-enactment of a couple who came into the ER, the boyfriend having bruises and abrasions on his penis, and the couple being typically overly shy about telling the ER doc the back story.

Long (overly long) story short: It turns out that he was wearing a chastity device — the episode showed them holding up a CB-Curve, of all things — his partner lost her key, so they smashed it open with a hammer. The level of Darwin Award stupidity made Mrs Edge and I look at each other in astonishment.

But again, I have to stress that the worst part of the show was the reaction of the staff. “Eww, that’s so weird.” I mean, are they still in junior high school?

Look, obviously shows like this are not aimed at the kink community; they’re aimed at people who enjoy the titillation of other people doing naughty or outrageous things. And since once or twice a year, mainstream newspapers easily have reports about men who can’t get their devices off, I guess I was hoping for a more intelligent, if not more sensitive treatment of the subject.

This is not what the doctor’s office looked like the last time I visited.


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The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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4 Responses to “Sex Sent Me to the ER” sent me over the edge

  1. But slowly chastity is creeping into the mainstream as a spice.


  2. ikneeltoher says:

    I agree with Giles and more. The idea of male chastity is slowly being normalized in an increasingly female dominated culture. What better way for women to assert their control than to sexualize it. We men, being highly sexual creatures anyway, are particularly vulnerable to trading our freedom for a highly sexual experience. Perhaps women someday will become more comfortable with their overt powers.


  3. Raven's ron says:

    On the one hand, anything that shows us to the dayworld at all at least let’s them get used to the idea that we’re real people, doing real (and possibly interesting) things with our lives, and eventually accept us. OK, it took a few hundred years for same sex marriages to be legal, but it did happen. On the other hand, if medical personnel are being presented as unable to maintain professional demeanor while tending to a patient that’s just shameful.


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