More Male Chastity in the Mainstream

A little article in The Sun appeared in my Google alerts today, and after a few retweents I discovered that it’s actually a bit from a Closer article earlier in September.

50 Shades girlfriend reveals: “I lock up my lover’s willy to keep him under control!’

Laura Hallan never has to worry that her boyfriend might be tempted to stray – he literally can’t.

It’s a very basic and innocuous article that, if it weren’t for the bit about the chastity device, wouldn’t cause anyone to notice.

It’s all part of their dominant/submissive relationship – a dynamic made famous in the novel 50 Shades of Grey, in that case the man, successful business man Christian Grey, was in charge of his girlfriend, college student Anastasia – but in this case, Laura is firmly in charge.

And here’s a nice shot of Laura in a shiny leather top, the mark of a Domme, right? Oh, and she’s seated next to an array of chastity devices.  My guess is that most of these devices sit in a drawer because they’re inconvenient or uncomfortable.

“The longest I’ve ever made him wait is two months. But it’s a turn on for both of us and we both enjoy it – if we didn’t then we wouldn’t do it.”

Well, two months is a decent amount of time, so kudos to them. And also, nice work for Closer Magazine, who didn’t turn this couple into a kinky freak show like we so often see.

What’s interesting is that from the article it would appear that it was Laura who initiated his wearing the device.

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5 Responses to More Male Chastity in the Mainstream

  1. steeledsnakecharmer says:

    It was a decent article and she wasn’t made out to be the jealous female who needed it to keep her man faithful. Nice to see…


    • Tom Allen says:

      Femdom/malesub relationships always get the worst “OMG, look at how freaky these folks are!” articles. This one was kind of bland, but I guess we should be thankful that it tended to the bland instead of the opposite.

      Liked by 1 person

      • steeledsnakecharmer says:

        Exactly. I would have been interested in seeing comments on the article. Probably would have made me crazy, but they would have been interesting to see how it was received.


  2. keyheld says:

    Tom posted the link to the ‘sun’ article on his Twitter. Responses were not that supportive.


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