So, this just happened…

So, I’m at work on Friday because, you know, I have a job. And I get a text message from Mrs. Edge.

Mrs Edge: Hi.

Mrs Edge: You busy?

Me: Well, I am at work, so…

Mrs Edge: I can’t find the key.

Me: The car key?

Mrs Edge: The key for your cage.

Me: I’m not at all surprised.

Mrs Edge: Do you have it?

Me: Why would I have it?

Me: I have the emergency key on my keyring.

Mrs Edge: Okay, good.

Me: I think you last kept it in your jewelry  box.

Me: It’s on a ring with several small padlock keys.

Mrs Edge: Okay, got it.

Me: Should I even ask why?

Mrs Edge: I’m not planning to use it.

Me: Yeah, I’m not surprised.

Mrs Edge: I just wondered what if you had a heart attack and I had to get it off quick.

Me: …

Me: What…?

Me: ???

Mrs Edge: We’re having pork chops for dinner. Try not to work too late.

Mrs Edge: Love you.

Me: ???

Me: Well, that was weird.

Me: xoxox

When I got home, was there even any explanation? Of course not.


Speaking of not needing the key.



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The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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7 Responses to So, this just happened…

  1. dualdrew says:

    This made me happy for some reason as it sounds stupidly similar to my house (except the pork chops. I never get pork chops)

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  2. I'm hers says:

    I can so identify with this. Especially the part where she decides to ignore your comments and tell you instead what the dinner menu is for the evening. Classic!!


  3. Al Parker says:

    I must ask, for you and anyone else in that particular situation, why do you even still wear a device? Not trying to be a smart ass. It just seems counter intuitive.


    • Tom Allen says:

      I don’t think I understand your question. Why do I *still* wear a device, after having gone some time without? Or why do I even wear a device at all? Or is there something else you are not clear on?


      • Al says:

        Sorry Tom, I was trying to be brief, not cryptic or unintelligible. Why do you still wear a device, period? You sound like someone for whom the appeal of this practice has diminished, like a sports team super fan that realizes he’s not that interested anymore. Sorry about the sports analogy, it’s the best I could do. Have you transcended the need for mechanics? Has your relationship evolved past it?

        I feel like these are questions too personal, but on the other hand, the whole topic is high in potential for too personal. Anyway, I hope I have asked the question better this time.


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