New Male Sex Robots With ”Bionic Penises” May Just Replace Men For Good!

Source: New Male Sex Robots With ”Bionic Penises” May Just Replace Men For Good!

Most of you are familiar with “Real Dolls,” a very life-like adult doll that, until now, has been marketed toward men. That’s about to change.

One of the companies that creates realistic love dolls is “Real Doll”. It is definite that they are starting with the creation of the male love dolls as well. Oh, and don’t worry, you can use these male love dolls as long as you want; you just need to be sure their battery is fully charged.

Using the high-tech tools, the creators of the male love dolls decided to make them as real as your living partner. They will have bionic genitals and capable of responding to verbal communication.

Unbelievable, but true!

This product is also known as an “ultimate pleasure experience”, but, where all this eventually goes? The replacement of the real men will be so drastic that you, in fact, may loose the desire for them. The latest technology has made us introverts and the question is-do we need another ‘toy’ to lead us to a total isolation?

The article in Human Explore has an interesting video about the male dolls. Judging from some of the writing that I see on Tumblr, I can imagine a lot of guys buying these dolls for their wives so they can act out their cuckold fantasies.
Mrs. Edge said that she’s going to hold out for one that can fix the plumbing and clean the garage.

Speaking of presents…

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9 Responses to New Male Sex Robots With ”Bionic Penises” May Just Replace Men For Good!

  1. Mrs Fever says:

    Yes to Mrs Edge’s sentiments.

    And the gardening, and the cooking, and the assorted fix-it chores, and and and…


  2. Jz says:

    think I’d better just sit here and keep my mouth shut for once.


  3. kimba says:

    Hello my darling xxx


  4. What if it’s not his dick that you’re interested in?


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