Emergency Keys – Revisited

For the last few years, Mrs Edge and I had taken a break from serious chastity play; that is, instead of 24/7 for months at a time, we kept it to just short playtime. A weekend, or a week, maybe even two or three here and there. I’ve mentioned this before; there wasn’t anything wrong, it’s just that after more than a dozen years it was getting stale. I know, I know — when it’s new, you can’t even imagine that happening, but it’s like going to the same restaurant every single day. It’s still good, it’s just that after a while you start wanting a change.

Anyhow, we’re discussing it again.

Since the discovery that the inexpensive A272 stainless steel device that I picked up last year is one of the most comfortable, convenient, and secure devices that I’ve tried, the incidence of play has increased. We haven’t used the plastic CB3000 in ages; it took a while, but now that metal devices don’t look like they are put together with old plumbing parts, Mrs Edge is appreciating the look of stainless steel. The Fort was sexy as hell, but the weight was a problem, and Mrs Edge found it to be exceptionally annoying to throw her leg over me at night while sleeping, and meet resistance because the device was in an odd place on my leg.

And here’s an interesting consideration: The Fort, like the CB3000, etc., has a padlock. The A272 has one of those little 6mm brass integrated locks, so there’s nothing in the way. And while Mrs Edge used to enjoy tugging on the lock once in a while, the convenience of having one less bit to fiddle with is a huge plus for her.

In the past, I’ve had my own lock because sometimes I’d be trying something and would want the ability to remove the device to adjust or repair as needed. When we played, however, Mrs Edge used her own padlock, and my emergency key is wrapped in tamper-evident tape, which I carry on my car key ring. With the integrated locks, it’s s similar arrangement: I have one that I have for research and development use, and there’s another one that we both have a key for.

This past weekend on a “date night” (yes, we still have those), it came up through a misunderstanding in conversation that she should keep *both* keys to the lock; that is, I wouldn’t even have possession of an emergency key, wrapped or not. She would unlock me for weekly cleaning (and play at her discretion), and that would be it.

Now, I’ve never used an emergency key, and it’s not unusual for me to forget it at home once in a while. In fact, last week, I neglected to even put it on my car key ring for the entire week. The A272 doesn’t have anything to be modified, there are no spacers to change, and everything has already been sanded and polished. There’s nothing left for me to do.

But not having a key at my disposal at all? To go all day, every day, for weeks, maybe months with not even an opportunity for access to a key? The idea of turning that absolute control over to her was surprisingly hot for both of us. Remember, on these devices, there’s no padlock, no locking pins, and certainly nothing to be broken or cut. That cage is not coming off without actual power tools.

Naturally she expressed some concern about my having an accident at work or something, but as we discussed it, I began to wonder if it made a difference. I mean, if the accident were serious enough, I probably wouldn’t have time to discreetly unwrap a key and remove my device, anyhow.

So, do any of you forgo an emergency key altogether? How has that worked out?

Even though we all know better, the idea of permanent chastity is still hot.

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13 Responses to Emergency Keys – Revisited

  1. myzrt600 says:

    We use a small lockbox designed for a single key. It has a combo which she sets. I have the lockbox with me that contains the key but I don’t have access to it. If an emergency arises, I have to call mistress beg for release and use the safe word. Then she can give me the combo to access the key.

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  2. collaredmichael says:

    I go to work regularly without a key. I do have an emergency key I can access but it is at home. So if an emergency happens, the doctors and nurses will be amused!


  3. Swami says:

    I have never been locked for what I would call long term but I have never had an emergency key, either. My longest lock up was two weeks and I was never let out once. Didn’t need to be because of the open design of my cage. Everything was very easy to keep clean. It was heaven and hell all at the same time but we really didnt see the point. Much like you, the biggest concern about it is an accident of some kind. But really, what are the odds? Maybe it will make you generally more cautious!
    (The website shows a borrowed image.)


  4. It’s hard to come up with instances when the key would make much difference. I mean, OK so I slip on ice and break my leg. I’m lying in the street waiting for an ambulance. I can hardly go rummaging around inside my trousers to remove the device. Once I’m in the ambulance… well I could unlock, but it’s not exactly private.

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    • Tom Allen says:

      Right, I agree. However, if you were conscious, and the device needed to come off, you could mention to an EMT “Hey, I’m wearing a device on my junk, and the key is that one wrapped in tape.” If, say, you needed an emergency MRI, you’d want that cage removed pronto.


      • So the only real result would be not having them wreck the device by snipping it – well in my case anyway, since it’s surgical nylon.
        Ironically, the MRI scenario is an argument for using friendly plastic to seal up my device for long term wear…

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  6. schnoff says:

    I think a key might be helpful to allow medical personnel to treat more rapidly, without needing to delay something like an MRI for firefighters to unlock the thing. In that case though a medical note in the wallet that informs responders that there is a key and what it looks like may be helpful.


  7. Vic says:

    I keep a taped emergency key in my wallet in case of… But once I changed wallet and let the key home for weeks; thinking of it sometimes was kind of thrilling!

    Thanks for your review of the A272. I bought a similar one last year based on your review but without the KSD (not offered) and a little bit smaller if I recall well: I wear it 24/7 for months and it is the best I had so far. So thanks!


  8. I asked on Bound Anna, the self bondage forum. One of the mods replied:

    “Their training is what takes first place. It will be the most efficient and effective method of removing the impeding device. Bolt cutters.

    No fumbling with keys in an emergency situation (on a chain around your neck or in your pocket), possibly finding out it’s the wrong one (key or pocket), etc. Way before they go through that whole process (assuming you are conscious), someone can go back to the emergency vehicle with bolt cutters or EMT shears and cut off whatever is in their way. It is an emergency, after all, so time is of the essence. They know how much time the bolt cutters take to remove something. That’s a known variable and they have one and only one priority, saving the victim’s life.

    They couldn’t give a flying leap about anyone’s chastity device or any other kinky apparatus. When in doubt, use tools. Tools save lives. Time kills.”

    She didn’t say what her source was.


  9. Chastehub says:

    I carry an emergency key in my wallet in a tamper evident wrapper. Once my wife took a bad fall and was rushed by ambulance to the ER. When I arrived I found that all visitors entering the ER had to pass through a metal detector. While I could have tried to awkwardly explain things, having the emergency key allowed me to retreat to the car and remove the device before going in. While the idea of absolutely no access to the key is very erotic, I will still always carry an emergency key.


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