Indefinite Numbers

I can’t remember my last orgasm.

There’s a certain irony to this — cruel or amusing, depending upon your mindset — because as most of us know, chastity is a game of numbers. Nobody presents this as well as Thumper, who has some of the most analytical charts and graphs that one could imagine. But a visit to any chastity related web group shows that many, many of the posts are all about “I’ve only had x orgasms in y [time period].”  Guys constantly talk about trying to hit some milestone (“My first time locked up for a week/month/30/60/90 days.”), or they try to beat their previous record.

I’ve written somewhere that the most cruel thing that you can do is to lock a guy on January 1, and then unlock him on December 27th, and force him to have an orgasm just a few days shy of that daunting one year mark.

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about this lately because Mrs Edge and I seem to have unintentionally wandered down the “permanent chastity” road, and…

Okay, yes, there’s some ambiguity about how people use the term “permanent.” In our case, “permanent” means that the device never comes off, except for travel or medical reasons, and that I will never be allowed to have an orgasm, or at least, an uncaged orgasm, full, ruined, or otherwise (we can’t help those involuntary releases that I still seem to get in the cage). And since Mrs Edge enjoys her PIV, all of our intercourse (which we’re having much more frequently, for some reason) is with my “replacement” cock, our Vixskin Tex (formerly sold as the Boitoi).

So. As I was saying, we didn’t intentionally set out to do this, we just sort of… ended up here because we were having such a good time doing what we were doing. And as a result, it’s looking as if my last orgasm, as the joke goes, may well actually be my last orgasm.

And I can’t remember when it was or anything about it.

Mrs Edge says that she wants me to take a few years to think about it. More captions at:

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6 Responses to Indefinite Numbers

  1. Enjoy the journey!


  2. collaredmichael says:

    Hi Tom
    As you well know I keep track of both my orgasms and my Queen’s. I will usually include where I’m at in each post I do. That being said, your situation is very different from mine! For one, to this point, my Queen doesn’t like any artificial penis. We do have one but she would rather use Angus. I’m going to try and find one that better appeals to her because I find it hot to fuck and please her while caged and feeling nothing myself.
    Btw, I really enjoyed this post. But if I were you I could easily say when my last orgasm was! 😜😜

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  3. herwishmycommand says:

    I’m in your boat cm. My wife prefers the real thing and she is not too interested in dildos. That said, I want to look into the vexskin tex that is mentioned above.


  4. thumper says:

    At some point, chastity and denial became so integrated with how we lived that, like you, I stopped thinking about how long it had been. It happens every once in a while. Just a few weeks ago. But they’re not the events they used to be and they no longer define our dynamic.


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  6. WW says:

    You recommended a smaller chastity device several months ago which I purchased from AliExpress based on your recommendation. I have to say thank you as it has become my go-to device for long term wear.
    I appreciate your blog and you were instrumental in getting me to pursue my desire for chastity and, now, for longer term chastity. Thank you and I would certainly like to see more of you in the blog space.


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