“Do you miss being able to make choices about your orgasms?”

This is from a twitter thread I recently had, and thought some people might find it useful or interesting or something.

This thread is for @MidlifeKink as a result of a poll from @thumperMN . Because I’ve spent a long time in #male #chastity and #orgasm #denial, she wondered if I missed being able to make choices about my own orgasms.

It’s complicated. Back when we were dating, I was def more switchy, and just enjoyed some BDSMy kinds of things. Mrs Edge def did not like being restrained, etc., but she did like having the control, so I learned to enjoy that.

Over time, I became disappointed that she really didn’t have any interest in doing those fun little things (handcuffs, blindfolds, tie downs, etc.). It was confusing because on the rare occasions, she seemed to enjoy it, but not enough to do it again.

We hit a period where it affected even our vanilla sex life. In reconciling, she mentioned offhand that the only thing she found exciting were some of the home built cock cages that I had made. The idea of having the final say was exciting to her.

I showed her a picture of the CB3000, and she said “You have got to get one of those!” As it happened, I had already bought one a couple of months previously to experiment with. She demanded that I get the keys and put it on for her.

That started a period of us (but mostly her) experimenting with what she felt comfortable with. Took a few years, but turned out that what she liked was really, really long lockups. Weeks. Months. More months.

She grew very comfortable with me wearing a harness and dildo (Terra Firma with a Vixskin Tex, since people will ask), and eventually decided that she did not feel guilty in denying my orgasms. So, at some point, this became the “new normal” in our marriage.

On my end, it was… different. Denial was not my kink of choice, but since it seemed to be the *only* kink that Mrs Edge was comfortable with, I decided to go with it. I tried a few different cages, but my modded CB3000 was the most comfortable.

Over time, I grew to appreciate, and then enjoy the constant, warm, low-level simmer of erotic orgasm denial. It felt like I was on the verge of boiling over all the time. On one hand, I wanted to come, but on the other, I didn’t want to lose the warm internal glow.

We played at this on and off for years, and each time, having her lock on the cage made me feel energized. We would tease each other about making it permanent, which would only drive her into longer and longer lockup periods. And I began to look forward to them.

Almost every time, those periods would end when a plastic piece of a cage broke. I finally tried some of those inexpensive Chinese ones, with an eye to getting a custom one made. I stumbled across one called the A272, which turned out to be the most comfortable and convenient.

So then I was in a cage that was, essentially, unbreakable. The teasing about “making it permanent” took on a note of reality that was missing with the plastic cages.

My birthday, anniversary, Xmas, NYE, and other holidays passed, and became a full year.

Mrs Edge, who had once said that she had considered giving me an orgasm after a year, said that she was fine to keep going.

I was still enjoying the simmer (yes, even after 20 years). Our intimate life was the best it had been in years.

I agreed to keep going.

So, now it’s another year passed. I have not lost the desire for an orgasm. I wake up almost every day wanting one.

But I’ve come to realize that it’s the desire to have an orgasm that fuels the warm, simmer that I have. If I had no desire, there would be no ache.

Along the same lines, if I could make that decision at any time to have one, then I’d probably choose to have one frequently, or at least sometimes. So I’ve also come to realize that not having a choice also fuels the simmer. With a choice, there’s no frustration.

So, do I miss being able to make choices about having them? At times I do, but I also understand that not having the choice (unless I decide to stop playing) is what makes things hot overall for me, and for Mrs Edge.

Mrs Edge has gotten to a point where she thinks that she really would like this to go on forever, and that she would be disappointed if I wanted to stop. Since my abdicating choice to her is part of what makes things hot for the both of us, I can live with this.

I miss not being able to make the choice *in the moment,* but when I step back for the bigger picture, I’m content in not being able to.

This was a long thread to get to that last paragraph, wasn’t it?

For those of you who are on Twitter, the thread and interspersed comments and replies can be found here:

Mrs Edge says that I shouldn’t worry, since I’m going to be locked up permanently anyhow.

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9 Responses to “Do you miss being able to make choices about your orgasms?”

  1. Gerry says:

    Exactly this: “it’s the desire to have an orgasm that fuels the warm, simmer that I have”.

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  2. collaredmichael says:

    I so understand this post!!


  3. thechastecyclist says:

    We now practice more “mental” chastity (aka Devotional Sex). MrsL still controls my orgasms and that slow simmer of tease, edging, and denial are awesome. When she chooses to lock me in Her Steelheart, it amplifies that simmer exponentially!

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  6. bdenied says:

    wow my sentiments exactly. I would love/hate to take your place. My wife will tease and deny me for days, sometimes weeks and even a month or so at a time but she always will eventually get me off. The choice is hers but one I wish you would never give into…permanent denial would be my ultimate goal and I know I would hate it!


    • Tom Allen says:

      permanent denial would be my ultimate goal and I know I would hate it!

      You’d think so (year ago, i thought so, anyhow), but I didn’t go into permanent denial overnight. The sessions got longer and longer, and during them, I learned to enjoy the low buzz of arousal that was always with me. By the time we got to where it could be permanent, it feels “normal” now.

      Or maybe I’m just weird.


  7. Zoe says:

    Your blog is one of my favorites. 🙂

    Happy blogging!


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