A journal with a focus on discussions about intimacy and sexuality. This will not be a specifically kink-oriented blog; rather, I intend for this to become a journal about the intimacy and sexuality within relationships that border on the edge.

Sometime people enjoy some of the things that I’ve written. At least, I think that they enjoy them because certain articles get a lot of traffic. New visitors might want to read some of the more popular posts to get an idea of what goes on around here.

I also, when the mood strikes, write hot orgasm denial porn.

You can check out my obsessions with those stupid personality quizzes at my LiveJournal.

Before I switched over to WordPress, I started this at Blogger. Now all I keep there are some stories and some favorite old posts.

My wife, (Mrs. Edge) and I are (mostly) happily married. We have a (mostly) vanilla relationship, although we do venture off into interesting territories.

I still field questions about male chastity and orgasm denial, and relationships in general; anyone wishing to contact me privately can send an email to:

taomlin (at) gmail (dot) com

28 Responses to About

  1. Tom Allen says:

    Elizabeth – Life is funny; I had wondered if you were going to feel miffed at the category, since it wasn’t in the full-blown BDSM or Femdom category.

    And get girlish all you want – I still get, er, boyish when I discover that somebody new has linked to me. 😉

    BTW, your latest post should be required reading for newbies and veterans alike. There is a subtle but distinct difference between those who demand respect, and those who command respect. Sounds like you’ve got the right stuff.


  2. cah1470 says:

    Welcome to the world of multiple blogs:)


  3. Tom Allen says:

    Heh heh – I’ve got a dozen email accounts, so why not add a few blogs to the mix?


  4. brianfox says:

    hey nice blog… I read most of your articles and I enjoy your writings

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ladychristine says:

    Thank you for inspiring me to start a blog, and being so open.

    I appreciate it and love your blog(s)!!

    Lady Christine


  6. nigel says:

    Hello Mr Allen,
    I know you do not like me using the “Mr” honorific but since Goddess Susan made you the Earl of Edgerton I think you deserve some politness and in Australia we do not like using heraldic titles.

    Please may I make a request ?
    Goddess Susan has dubbed me the Worlds First Faux Submissive (its true check it out on her page!) and I wondered if my blog address on your page could be moved into the Faux section? A little solidarity in the blogworld since I do not have a Mistress yet?

    most sincerely
    mint tinted vanilla


  7. Elizabeth says:

    Tom –

    Thank you *so* much for adding my blog to your site. I saw it a few minutes ago and got positively girlish. (Not like me!)

    I’m extremely flattered to be categorized in “Beyond the Edge” as well. The most I would have hoped for before I actually started publishing was “A Bit of Vanilla”. I’ll do my best to live up to my category.

    Feeling happily edgy,


  8. Tom Allen says:

    Elizabeth – I’m *so* glad that you aren’t complaining about where I listed you. But if you ever feel like you belong in a different category, just say the word.

    And get as girlish as you like. I still get, er, boyish whenever I see a new link to my blog.

    Also, your latest post should be required reading for both newbies and veterans – and not just those in the BDSM world. There is a subtle, but distinct difference between those who demand respect, and those who command respect. Sounds like you know which is the better option.

    Edit: I switched your category to Fauxdomme after I saw your comment elsewhere wishing that you’d thought of it. I switched Bitchy Jones, too, because it seemed a shame not to have you near each other.


  9. Chris H. says:

    Please contact me if you are interested in selling advertising on your website, we have a client that would like to purchase an ad.


  10. Luka says:


    I just spotted my Boudoir in your New Additions!

    Ta very muchly, I am chuffed to bits.



  11. Elizavetta says:

    Hey there, thanks for the link! What a great site – witty blogging, some saucy smut, AND limericks? I had no idea such a place as this existed 🙂

    In all my internet travels, how could I not have found The Edge of Vanilla before this? Well, I actually did find (and sail past) the edge of vanilla a long time ago, if you know what I mean. Ah, but that’s another story altogether…

    Seriously, though – nice to meet you. I’m looking forward to more throughly wandering your archives. Consider yourself return-linked, darling.


  12. Elizavetta says:

    Oops. Sorry about the multiple commentgasm!


  13. Lotus says:

    Hey there, I just wrote a post about cuckolding that was inspired by your blog, or rather, it’s an old hat rant of mine, but something you said got me to write it down. It’s a rare muse that inspires you to sit your ass down and get something done, so thank you. 🙂

    I’d like to know your thoughts on it.


  14. Mina says:

    Hi Tom, an interesting blog you have here. Thanks for the link, I have returned the favour.

    Best wishes


  15. Ferns says:

    Hello Tom,

    I’m glad you are enjoying my blog (that’s an assumption on my part of course, you could be some sort of kinky blog-link-slut!).

    I’m enjoying reading through yours here… the trouble with arriving late is ‘how far back do I go’? Really, I haven’t got all day… please send the readers digest version with the pornographic bits highlighted.

    Thanks so much,



  16. Tom Allen says:

    Ms. Ferns –

    Heh – let’s just get right to the good stuff, eh?

    First, check the tabs at the top of the blog.
    The Stories are some of my meager attempts at writing humorotica – erotic stories with a twist.

    True Tales are some of the posts outlining the issues that I’ve had with erotic dominance and intimacy.

    The Devices has some links to pictures of the various chastity devices that I’ve made, modified, and used.

    TMI Stuff is exactly what you’d think. Do not click that link. It only contains links to nude and semi-nude pictures of me, sometimes wearing the aforementioned devices, sometimes not. Please, don’t bother.

    Also, if you look in my sidebar, down on the left (at least, in this current design), there is a series of links called “What are you looking at?” Those are the most popular read posts at any given time. It gives you an idea of what other people have been reading.


  17. Ferns says:

    So, TMI Stuff first then… (c’mon, you had to know that’s how it would work out, you tease!).

    Thanks so much.



  18. I started a blog of my life in chastity. I signed a contract with my wife and for the next year she controls my every release from the CB-6000. I’m at http://www.chastizedhusband.blogspot.com I hope you check it out and follow it. Participation would be great. Thanks.


  19. logan says:

    thought this might be funny 🙂


  20. craig says:

    enjoy you site


  21. Kevin says:

    I wanted to know if you have ever used the Lancelot chastity device. It has a steel mesh design. Please let me know if you have reviewed it and your thoughts as opposed to the CB 6000.




  22. lockedhubby says:

    I’d love to be included on your blog roll. You are on mine.


    The tough part will be picking one of your categories. It features chastity, femdom/FLR, DS/BDSM, and other themes.

    Thanks, love your extensive resource here.

    — lockedHubby


  23. WW says:

    While this has nothing to do with your latest blog postings, it is a question/debate I am struggling with at the moment. From Wench’s recent blog posting from: http://chastewench.blogspot.com/


    Various blogs suggest that the way to motivate a man is to keep him desperate. It’s so scarily true.

    A few days of tease and denial and I’m ready to do anything the Empress of my cock says. Yet once I’m sated it’s difficult to relate to why I was so malleable and so desperate to be dominated. It’s like looking at another person, one you don’t quite get, and finding yourself a little shocked by their antics. Thinking ‘was that really me?’

    The peculiar thing is the more I’m denied, and the nastier she is, the more I crave submission, discipline, humiliation, abuse, pain. The desire to be dominated builds and builds. The constant forfeit of control and state of excitement is so addictive. Crazy as it sounds it’s almost as if the more she denies me the more a part of me wants it to continue. The more I sink into submission.

    Then she lets me cum and then buzz is gone. I’m left bemused, shaking my head at my own behaviour. Having to remind myself that I signed a contract, try to rationalise putting the chastity belt back on, when I no longer really want to be locked away, I’m no longer in the mood. Then with a snap of the lock the ride starts all over again.

    The question being, how do I mellow out without the ups and downs described here?

    Thanks in advance, W


  24. Hi Tom,

    Love your blog. Would like to add a link to my blog… http://sexualdestinies.blogspot.com.

    It fits in well with my theme.

    ~ Vista


  25. Kareem says:

    Here is an interesting item about how internet porn can change the way the brain works.

    I wonder if orgasm denial does the same thing in reverse


  26. John Packer says:

    I have recently purchased a CB-6000 and locked myself in it. I love it. But I am questioning myself: why do I love it? Is it a castration fantasy? I love watching women and realizing that they are unattainable to me. I am struggling to deal with the mixture of emotions.


  27. 6X says:

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