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Real Life Chastity Couples

If you hang out on Tumblr long enough, and if you’re following enough people, you can see things change, as pictures roll around and get reblogged, like ripples in a pond. Something that I’ve noticed for the past few months … Continue reading

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2017 Sex Toy Popularity

So I missed this earlier, but Refinery 29 posted the 2017 (although shouldn’t it have been 2016?) listing of sex toys sold by state (US). Once you get past the infuriating slideshow format, it’s for the most part just as … Continue reading

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A Guide To Chastity Play And Devices | Lifehacker Australia

Source: A Guide To Chastity Play And Devices | Lifehacker Australia When we hear the word “chastity”, we often think of virginal maidens hiding in ivory towers, monks keeping their hands to themselves and other such examples of abstinence. We … Continue reading

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What to Do If You’re a Guy Who Struggles to Orgasm

Yeah, I’m just going to leave this here without comment. 😉 I’m willing to bet that nine out of ten people who read this headline will think, “A dude who has trouble orgasming? Yeah, right.” Difficulty reaching orgasm is typically … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap

So, at this time last year I was trying out one of those inexpensive Chinese devices that I had bought from DH Gate. I spent some time modifying it, and for a while it was a pretty decent device. At … Continue reading

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