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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum

Back in 2011, a few hardy bloggers and chastity fans, after seeing a new chastity/OD oriented web forum overrun with spammers and trolls, set up their own too-obviously named Chastity Forum with the intention of providing a place for the … Continue reading

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Road Warrior

I know the topic comes up a lot, especially on chastity related forums, so here’s something of interest for those of you who enjoy bicycling. Cyclists go through saddles like crazy, trying to find one that has a decent fit and … Continue reading

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No, not really

  For those of you who don’t watch those cable channels, this is not a domme. No, this is a character from a TV show who wears a lot of revealing leather, and has a lot of control over people. … Continue reading

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Not good for walking

  Every once in a while – or on Tumblr, every fifteen or twenty minutes – you run into a shot that defies description.

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Year of the Cat

Next to the “Xena” chain bra, Michelle Pfeiffer’s “Catwoman” costume did a lot for the kink community when that movie came out. Note that I’m not saying that everything it did was good.

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Chilly day in the hood

Man, you can just tell that the air conditioning is set to Max in this room, can’t you?

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OSHA is this okay?

Acrylic platform shoes on a skinny industrial aluminum vertical ladder. Yeah, can anybody see the accident that’s going to happen in the next three minutes? Look for it on the YouTube channel “FailDom: Hilarious Dom and Domme fails.”

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  “Dammit, I can’t remember if I left the stove on again.”

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