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An orgasm a day…

I know that most of you come here looking for stories or information on *not* orgasming, but here’s something that popped up on the news feed recently: Men who orgasm every day ‘have lower risk of prostate cancer’ Stories like … Continue reading

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Your sex life will ‘rebound’ … in 50 years

So. we finally figured out what kills older people: Researchers looking at 1,656 married adults ranging in age from 57 to 85 have found there is eventually an uptick in the frequency with which couples have sex. From the Newser … Continue reading

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Should You Cut Your Testicles Off to Live Longer?

And in a fantastic example of Betteridge’s Law, Psychology Today offers up this ballsy headline: Should You Cut Your Testicles Off to Live Longer? | Psychology Today. The maxim known as Betteridge’s Law states that “Any headline asking a question … Continue reading

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No wonder they live longer than us

That expression has long been associated with women, with regard to their life spans when compared to those of men.  But now it appears that there maybe something to it. From The Daily Bhaskar (India) comes the article: Men without … Continue reading

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Mature Men Fitness Porn

Mrs. Edge and I took a vacation to the Napa (California) Valley. Since wine drinkage has been linked to some vague health benefits, this qualified as a fitness vacation, which means that I’m still working on Ferns’ Fitness Challenge. Believe … Continue reading

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Safe (Senior) Sex

Social conventions change slowly… but they do change. This means that we need to keep abreast of the latest trends in order to provide support when and where it’s needed. What am I going on about? Old people are having … Continue reading

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Okay, if you’re here for some new wank fodder, you’re out of luck. Go visit my Tumblr or something, while I vent. Go on. Last evening we went to a fancy-schmancy dinner party for a friend’s birthday; he’s the “baby” … Continue reading

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It’s a living

Pity poor Shigeo Tokuda, who is still working even after he retired from his travel agency job. From the Globe & Mail (UK): Husband, grandfather, retiree – and a Japanese porn star Mark MacKinnon Tokyo— From Monday’s Globe and Mail … Continue reading

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