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Ride all the hills

Last week, instead of acting appreciative of the little bit of eye candy that I managed to post, all I got were complaints that I didn’t have a white t-shirt. Lesser men would have stormed of in a huff, but … Continue reading

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Arm Candy

I don’t know what it is about some of my readers. I mean, I’m a 50-something year old guy, and I still get questions about when I’m going to start showing off what this constant working out has been doing … Continue reading

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Mid-year Review

I was thinking that it’s time that I posted some original content for a change. I was going to write something about how Mrs. Edge and I have been doing as a result of her agreeing to give me some … Continue reading

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The Softer (Porn) Side of Sears – Part 2

I don’t know if you remember the wailing and hand wringing last year when the online Sears catalog took down a woman modeling lingerie because she was showing the shadow of a nipple. You know, just in case impressionable teenagers … Continue reading

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Yes, it’s that time again: the End of the Year HNT, in which I show off the results of my diet and exercise, and yet again remind people that this used to be an interesting blog to read, and now … Continue reading

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Stressed men like big women

So I’m just browsing  porn on Tumblr  the internet news sites the other day, and thinking about the irony in my having started a fitness porn page to keep updates about my weight loss and exercise (you can blame Ms. … Continue reading

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Mature Men Fitness Porn

Mrs. Edge and I took a vacation to the Napa (California) Valley. Since wine drinkage has been linked to some vague health benefits, this qualified as a fitness vacation, which means that I’m still working on Ferns’ Fitness Challenge. Believe … Continue reading

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HNT – Early Bike Season

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. No HNTs from me in ages. Sorry, sorry. Been busy and all that. But because so many of you have been clamoring (well, okay, a few of you asked nicely) I’ll try to get … Continue reading

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